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  • After Show: The iPad.

    It's not broken, not at all!

    After Show: The Apple Bargain Bin

    Okay, I think I know why no one bought these now...

    After Show: Nugget Lucky Dip 2

    We take another dip and wonder why we ever did at all.

    After Show: Craig's 3 in 1 Audio Set.

    I could smell it alright, I could smell it big time.

    After Show: Awful iCoustic Dock No.2

    The headphones sound as good as they look.

    After Show: The Dick Smith Photo Nugget

    I don’t miss Dick Smiths at all.

    After Show: The Headphone Horde...

    I think I'm past 30 pairs now. I don't have a problem, you have a problem with my problem which is NOT a problem.

    After Show: MP3 player for children.

    I may have been a little rough with it...

    After Show: The Russian iRiver

    Worth it just for those stamps...

    After Show: Most boring MP3 player.


    After Show: ShrekPod Rescue.


    After Show: The DO IT ALL nugget.

    At least the flashlight was good.

    After Show: The RC@ K@zoo

    I think a real kazoo is a lot more fun imo.

    After Show: Game like it's 1980!

    That kid is real freaked out by the VIC20 aye.

    After Show: A Creative Journey.

    King chungus.


    Hey! So Patreon is adding taxes n junk because governments are sad that they can’t make money off everything. Even after doing a whole pile of reading I barely understand it haha so ima leave my prices as they are and just roll forwards 🤷‍♂️. Apparently Patreon will be sending an email out to you folks with details, I hope they make sense to someone! Thanks for the support everyone, you keep me around! Wade/Dank.

    After Show: Nugget Lucky Dip!

    Go on, put your hand in there...

    After Show: The Other Bootleg Nano.

    The speaker is of poor quality.

    After Show: That smaller Zune they also made.

    A hot mess indeed...

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