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  • The MARCH 2019 Calendar Hunk! You DECIDE!

    Hello, Guys...I'd like to know who you'd like as your MARCH 2019 Calendar Hunk? Below is a list of 5 character choices I'm keen on drawing, and I'm inviting you all to vote for the hunk you want to see most.I'll draw the hero that gets the most votes, and I'm super eager to see who you'll decide on. Thanks so much, everyone. I really appreciate your opinion! XOXO -- Patrick :D

    HOUSE BURLINGTON Patreon LiveStream #4

    Oh man! We out here! It’s Sean’s Birthday at Midnight! Lots to talk about! https://youtu.be/RkXZ8YjJtycSean and House Burlington

    Oh shit!!!! 1/28/20 LiveStream!!!

    We go live at 6pm y’all so just about 15 min!!!

    Hello my lovelies

    Sorry if I've been dropping the ball a bit on Patreon only content, I plan to rectify this soon with all ds2 full live streams being available here and only here so you can watch all the suffering! I also plan to make a Patreon only discord and stuff where we can hang out. I've had some personal stuff going on and I feel comfortable sharing that with you because you are the core of the community and support me so much. Honestly, I've also been feeling down recently and had to take a few mental health days but I'm feeling much more motivated now my health is getting there (still on the mend and on antibiotics unfortunately, must have spent £100 on antibiotics the past few months lol). But yeah I just want to say this couldn't be possible without you guys and I am forever grateful you would choose to support me 💕☺️ lots of love to you guys xxx

    DragRace All Star 3x7 Patron-Only Crowd Interviews & Extras!!!

    Hey hey hey!To all the new Drag Race Patrons, welcome! Here's a few snippets that I grabbed after we got finished watching Episode 7 of All Stars Season 3!! A few new faces a few familiars! I think we can all agree that Aja should have been brought back, but what can you do! Click this link to watch or download!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/52pf1gbp884wla4/RPDR_PATREON.mov?dl=0Thank you so much to all the patrons! Sean and House Burlington

    Content Incoming to Our Patrons!!

    HEY YOU GUYS! Going to kick off the Patreon content later this week with the full audio tracks of the first two episodes of Watchers in the Bar! There were a bunch of great things that we had to cut, so I'm sure you'll enjoy them! Also, full uncut video of the entire video, sans the little TV image in the corner, will be dropping later this week too! The T-Shirts are being printed and readied, and next week I'm getting the crew together to sign thep posters! We thank any and all of our Patrons! Alright, gotta go meet up with the SJW-ettes and shoot the next Watchers! S

    Hearts of stone!

    forgot to post this one from last week as well! Enjoyyyyyyy <3

    Shout out reward!

    Comment down below if I haven't shouted you out yet 💜


    Would you guys like a Q&A? As you're my amazing patrons I will pick your questions first as patron privilege! ☺️


    Thank you all who have donated and who have just become patrons! ❤️❤️ it really helps me afford new games so I'm very grateful!! Love you guys xxx

    Another thank you message

    These are like a monthly thing so I'm sorry if they get annoying but once again you guys have smashed it with the donations this month! I am so grateful as this month it'll help pay for all the software I use, plus games like ds3 DLC, the walking dead andddd outlast 2!!! (Although less excited about the latter)! Again you guys are amazing and I could not do this without you! Lots of love, Alyce! 💕xxxx

    Back problems!

    So if some of you follow me on twitter you will know I have bad hip and back problems from sitting in a plastic chair all day and lifting! So with this months patron support I got a new GT omega racing chair and a few PC upgrades using leftover money and some of my own! Thank you guys so much, hopefully I can now sleep with no problems from hip and back pain! Love youuuuuu ❤️❤️

    New patrons

    Also shout out to the new patrons... And the current ones! Again thank you so much!!! I love you guys 😭😭😭😭 you make me so emotional with how generous you are! 💜💜💜

    Blood and wine!

    Heres the link for the live stream yesterday! Enjoy <3

    You're the best!

    Thank you again for all the support! This message will have to be a quick one as I'm about to start work but thank you thank you thank you! You guys honestly have no idea how these donations impact my life! I appreciate every single one of you! Comment down below and I'll make sure I fulfil any rewards I haven't done yet when I get time! Lots of loveeeee xxxxxxxx💜💜💜


    Hi guys, so this is my first patron only post and I'm sorry it has taken so long! I will be a lot more active now! Today I got my first payment from patreon which worked out at around £85 and I cannot thank you enough!!! With that money I have been able to buy a second monitor so it will be easier for me to make videos :) I've also updated the rewards so they aren't as shitty and I can give more back to you guys for being the lovely, generous people that you are! With the next payment I will be either investing in a better mic (at last) OR a new pc case and fan to start upgrading my PC! I love you guys <3 <3

    Welcome new patrons! // Warden & Maester Livestream tomorrow

    Howdy everybody!Wanted to welcome our new patrons to the channel and let everyone above Knight-tier know to contact us with shirt sizes/address for your tier rewards! Our warden and maester levels have a live stream coming up tomorrow, 6PM CST.Excited to hear about everyone's halloween plans & costumes. Hope y'all can join us! If you are looking for the next all access livestream, it will be Nov 12!Thanks again everyone for your support and please feel free to message us with any questions/suggestions.Cheers and can't wait to hangout tomorrow!

    Thank youuu

    Thank you once again for this months donations! This time they will go towards all the new games coming out in February! Without you guys I couldn't buy them so I am so grateful ❤️❤️❤️


    Thank youuuuu once again for all the donations and support! This month I will be purchasing horizon zero dawn anddd the rest will go towards a new CPU (you might have seen me tweet about it) ☺️☺️ sorry I haven't been very active on here, life is mad being a third year and I'm so sleep deprived and going crazy BUT THATS OKAY! But seriously thank you guys, couldn't do this without you and the massive amounts of support you give me! Anyways I'm still at uni and I should probably go home and eat seeing as it's currently 9:36pm and I've been here all dayyyyy! So yeah horizon zero dawn coming soon, plus I'll probably record another episode of either Nioh or resident evil tonight, because who needs sleep!!?! Yup I'm rambling! Lots of love, Alyce xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Happy new year!!!

    Sorry it's a new days late but happy new year patrons and thank you for the continued support! Couldn't do this without you guys 💜💜 hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Years and I'll update again soon xxx


    You guys are insane with the donations this month! Thank you so much! I'll make sure to thank you all in the next video I edit which will be in a few days (as I'm a few days ahead)! This month the donations will go on all the new games that came out recently as I may or may not have bought games with my rent money (like the responsible adult I am)! So the games are: Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, beyond 2 souls/heavy rain, dishonoured 2, the last guardian, and the Dark Souls 3 DLC! Also some smaller games like Hello Neighbour :) hope that's okay, as I did plan to upgrade my mic but there have been so many new releases that I wanted to share with you and games cost so much nowadays! Anyways thank you for all the support my lovelies ❤️ we've hit 11K super quick, which is insaneeee! Also a little update for ya'll before I talk about it on YouTube, in December I will be going home on the 17th till the 12th of Jan soooo as I will be unable to make that many videos in advance I will be live streaming for a few hours a day for those 3 weeks which I'm super excited about! What games do you think I should playthrough? I was thinking maybe skyrim, and the walking dead, lemme know ☺️ love youuuuuu (and sorry for the rambly message)

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