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  • Charms Update

    To those waiting on their charms... my courier has, as far as I can tell, lost them. So I'll be sorting that out for a bit. Hopefully they turn up.

    Tangible Rewards (International Patrons) - October Onwards

    Hey all, working hard on your stickers, I'm almost 1/3 of the way through. I'll be sending out a link to my trello where I'll put all the completed ones for download as I finish each tier. Copper Club should be completely done tomorrow. Okay so this update is for anyone outside of Australia who gets rewards such as pins, charms etc. Currently we're seeing no relief to the new postage restrictions in Australia which means posting these physical rewards to you at the moment actually costs me almost 3x what it used to and roughly $5 more than what you pay in the reward tier (that doesn't include the reward itself). So what I would like to propose is that I send out international physical rewards once every 3 months. This would mean I can post your rewards for about the same cost of what posting them every month used to cost. This is at least until economy post returns. Basically I'm going to send out all overdue pins, stickers and prints in the next two weeks. The charms, I don't even have those yet so I'll keep those on the to do list. And from October's billing cycle onwards, they'll be sent every 3 months, whether you retain your patronage or not. So October and November's rewards will be sent with December's rewards. Jan and Feb's will be sent with March's. This will be the case regardless of whether you've claimed one physical reward or three or more. Hopefully this will make my patreon appear a lot more routine and will mean you all know when to expect your rewards. Thanks for your patience.


    Just a general update of where I'm at, and repeating some stuff for those who may have missed previous updates.AUGUST AND SEPTEMBERThere will be no charge to my patrons. You will still receive files and updates but no money will be charged over these two months. The reason is I am VERY behind on all of your telegram stickers and need a chance to catch up without 30+ being added every month.JULY'S SURVEYI have not yet released July's survey. If you supported me in July OR join my patreon in August or September you will receive this survey, when, and only when, I have all rewards designed. I still haven't designed the sticker set for this month so that's what the delay is about. Don't stress, don't worry, everyone's past survey responses are safe in my google sheets exactly as you submitted them. TELEGRAM STICKERSHonestly all I can say is sorry they're taking so long. I definitely took on more than I could handle over the last few months and it's a shame this is what fell behind. I plan to have them ALL done by the end of September, that includes the July ones when you submit them. If I can't, I will suspend payments for another month because there's no way I'm charging people who are waiting so long and so patiently. Again your sticker results are safe. PINSI've said it a thousand times on multiple platforms that to some I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record but, I currently cannot send enamel pins (and charms when I get them) internationally due to COVID and no commercial flights to stick packages on and the post office being like WE CAN'T HANDLE THE CAPACITY LETS SUSPEND THINGS and yeah. Out of my control but your pin orders, like the sticker orders, are safe with me and won't be forgotten. I have a colour coding system so I know what's sent and what's not. MEAnd a personal update cause why not. I'm currently looking to buy a house (what house... I don't know yet but we're actively looking) which could mean further delays in the near future. If this affects you guys or your rewards you'll be the first to know. I will keep my patreon suspended until I'm settled again. For now it's just a big IF but yeah, better you guys know than me popping up one day like "OH I'M MOVING YOU WON'T HEAR FROM ME FOR A MONTH K BYE". It's part of the reason I'm trying hard to squash my queue over the next 6 weeks or so. So that if I do need a few weeks off to organise life, it won't affect 60 odd people. Thanks for your patience, thanks for your support. You're amazing people. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong.

    August & September

    Hey all,As we all know I'm pathetically behind on rewards atm. That's why I've made the decision to suspend my Patreon in August and possibly September to give myself a chance to catch up on stickers and merch designs. Also to potentially get ahead.If you don't know what that means, basically I can set my patreon so that it doesn't take any money from you for a month or more. You won't be removed and it'll just go back to normal at the first of the following month. Due to doing this I'm also going to delay July surveys until I've caught up a bit more. My patreon won't resume until the telegram sticker queue is empty, that's a promise. Thanks for your patience. I hope you're all well.

    $2 Shy of Acrylic Charm Goal!!

    I think that's close enough don't you?A new survey (June) will go out on the 15th or thereabouts and there will be a new reward option! Acrylic charms!General updates: I can't remember if I mentioned or not but the pins (March - May) have finally arrived. I'll be packing them this week but can still only mail them to Aussies due to COVID-19 restrictions. International rewards will be kept safe, I can still send prints and stickers.Telegram stickers: still working hard on them. I have a bunch done I need to send out and will do so this week.

    May Update

    Due to the current world situation please know I am perfectly fine if anyone needs to withdraw their support for financial reasons. I encourage you to do so if you're struggling. I'm fine, take care of yourselves, and know that I have everyone's info safe so all rewards, no matter how late, will make it to you.Telegram stickers - Working on finishing at least 10 a week. So far so good. If I can do more I will. Very sorry for the delays. Rest assured that if you pull your support I will still get your stickers to you. Physical Stickers - All of them are in the mail as of yesterday. May stickers will be designed soon. Pins - My supplier is being VERY slow so March, April and May pins are all still in production. I'll be designing the next 3 month's worth of pins soon. Prints - Still not sent out, no one to blame there but me.Files - There won't be a lot of files this month as most of my work is head shot sketches and other small commissions. June is almost all pin ups so I guess just look forward to that lol.

    Catching Up This Weekend

    Hey guys... so how was March eh? What a... I wanna say shitstorm!Anyway that's no excuse for how behind I am so lemme make some promises I have to keep or... I dunno... I have to run two laps of the driveway or something (one lap is 2km and I can't run). This weekend I WILL~- Have March surveys out.- Have Feb & March stickers finished and ordered (I'm going with 5 x 3inch stickers each month instead of sticker sheets because that's working better for me design-wise.)- Have April stickers sketched.- FINISH JAN TELEGRAM STICKERS (2 people left)- Sketch ALL of Feb telegram stickers.- Design and order 3 pin designs (March, April and May).March surveys (once they're out, and I won't release them until you know what your options are) will be available until mid April and then I'll release the April survey. Anyway, those are my promises, you can hold me to them. Cheers for your patience everyone and for sticking around. With the Aussie dollar soooo dead at the moment it's great to have guaranteed USD income so I can still buy new merchandise. <3

    First Goal Hit!

    Thank you so much everyone! We hit our first ever goal which means a new reward is going to be added to the list! This will be added next month and will be a sticker sheet option. I'm very excited for this. Of course if Patrons leave (which is totally fine) and my pledge total slips back I will remove the stickers sheets again as I won't have the funds to order them, but for now YAY!Thanks all!

    We Are Changing the Rules!

    Many of you asked and I've heard you and I'm going to make the change.Starting in 2020 you may request multiples of the same reward if you are at a $30 or higher tier. That means if you want more than one telegram sticker instead of one and something else, you can have them. If you want more than one of the monthly pin, they're yours. I will add a few extra tiers so people can get up to 6 rewards a month if they so wish.This should be more convenient for you guys and also help me reach my first goal faster.Thank you for your feedback and sorry I didn't do this sooner! Hold tight while I make the changes, and if you wish to move up a tier please ensure the New Year has ticked over first so you don't get charged twice.Happy New Year to my wonderful wonderful friends and fans.


    This month's survey- It will be sent out by the end of the week. The pin for the month is the barn owl and the print for the month will be patron's choice as I have nothing new. Stickers will NOT be scheduled at the end of my queue (aka February) because that'd be horrid of me. I can fit them in right after the October ones, one each day.October Rewards- Will be in the mail by Monday at the latest. The pins have arrived and the postage delay is only due to me not having a car. October stickers should be done soon too.Art high res files- I have a backlog of files and pics to post that I'll try and get up over the weekend. I'll schedule them to come out one a day so you're not overloaded. I have a PSD file as well, I may even include a second one.December rewards- I'll make a strong effort to get the surveys out at the very beginning of the month so I can post stuff out as early as possible. The November and December pins should arrive within the first two weeks of December. I'm unsure how international postage will go in terms of stuff getting there by Xmas but I'm going to suss out the cost of express postage. Auspost does some good postage deals around Xmas so I'll try and take advantage.Moving Forward- I have a two week break in December/January. I will be using that time for a few personal projects and some much needed relaxation. I'll also be looking to plan, design and begin ordering pin rewards well in advance so there's no more of these delays. This will depend on my own wallet after buying a car and Xmas pressies. Hopefully it goes well though.And that's it. Hopefully that keeps everyone updated and I'll get those files and rewards out soon.

    September NSFW Pack

    For personal use onlyhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/h74npxgt7wf0a37/NSFW%20Pack.zip?dl=0

    September Pins

    Just a heads up this month's enamel pins (the ocelots) haven't arrived yet. They are in production and have been since the start of the month. I'll be designing next month's pin soon so I can order it early.Sorry if rewards are late. I'm sketching everyone's telegram stickers today.

    Change if you want to!

    Okay guys!The month has ticked over, most of you have successfully paid and so now is the time to shuffle tiers if you want to move up at all. I'm going to give it a week or so and then I'll send out the surveys. In the mean time I'll get the enamel pins ordered and the art for this month's print done!Telegram sticker peeps hold on, you'll be able to put your info in the survey too.

    Where my Patreon money goes...

    Hey all!I figured this might be a little bit of info you'd be interested in, if not, go get on with your day and stop letting me waste your time :DSo with the changes in my tiers and the set up of new goals, basically what this means is all the money you guys feed into this patreon goes into making my future merch. This will save me loads of financial problems around con time as it'll be more spread out in the year and have a designated income limit. You guys, of course, get first access to all this merch and will see it all before its offered (once I get myself in order).Next month you'll have the choice of your telegram sticker, an ocelot pin or a jaguar print. Unfortunately I don't have time to get the jaguar ready before the month ticks over but at least you have a heads up. Once it's September (or before if you wanna drop backwards in your tier) feel free to rearrange yourselves to the tiers you're happiest on. Most of next month's money will be going towards the Ocelot pins so I can get them to the manufacturer and more money can go to the charities. It will also help me cover shipping to you guys!As per usual I am extremely grateful to every one of you for supporting me and my work. Thanks for sticking around <3

    August NSFW Pack

    I have no more NSFW pieces this month so figure I should hand over the high res pack now. This is most of my work for August so it's a little bigger than usual and the PSD file is in there too. Sorry there weren't many SFW high res files this month, well there will be one more after today so that's something at least.As per usual, these files are for personal use only, do not share, redistribute, edit, re-post or use for profit in any way. Thank you!https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0yusbhg3czwns4/NSFW%20Pack.zip?dl=0

    Updated Already!

    Okay so, while the changes will not take effect until September the new tiers are up. If you are on a $15 or $30 tier you'll noticed the description has changed and a $45 tier has been added. Please don't feel the need to change your tier until September as I don't have anything new to reward you with until then. Once the wing it tier is gone (I won't remove it until everyone's done with it) I'll start adding goals to add more rewards and club tiers. Right now, with the wing it tier it throws the goal total a little off so I can't do that just yet.Thanks for baring with me. I have a print ready for August but I figure I'll still send it with September's nice and early. In the mean time, I'm putting up a poll for the next print!

    Commission Claims, Thanks for your patience!

    Those who still need to claim this month's commissions, there are still a few of you, don't forget before the month runs out and they go bye bye!Due to my scheduled work this month being almost entirely NSFW or sketches I haven't had a lot of high res stuff to give you guys or any new prints to send out. I have a NSFW pack ready for the end of the month and it will likely contain this month's PSD file as well. As for the print, I'm going to start making images specifically for prints next month so I'll send out two new ones to everyone where required.I think I'll start easing in the club changes at the end of this month. Basically it'll just involve changing the names/descriptions of the print and telegram sticker tiers as they're already at the right prices. This will mean people at $15 will have the option of a print or a sticker rather than just a print. And people at $30 will get both as they already do. I'm also going to start designing some pins in September so that in October we can get a 3rd club tier rolling.As for the Wing It tier, I'm basically just going to leave that there until no one's on it. So basically if you want to jump on it at any point continue to feel free, but the moment it's empty it's going.And that's all for updates. Get those commission claims in if you haven't already.

    Payments Processed

    Everyone's all good!Get those commission claims in (via email please) before the end of the month.I'm not sure which print I'll be sending out this month, possibly a piece I haven't drawn yet.A lot of August I will be working on traditional work for my kickstarter so I may be lacking in files to share. Hopefully I can sneak in some personal stuff or something to pad it out.Happy August everyone!

    July NSFW Pack

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0yusbhg3czwns4/NSFW%20Pack.zip?dl=0Blah blah personal use.... you know the drill. no steal.

    Future Changes

    Before I begin I'd like to make clear that I do not plan to introduce any of these changes until later in the year, likely around October or later.So, I've begun slowly developing plans to change up my Patreon again. This time with a big focus on merchandise. While it's likely most of the existing tiers will remain when I make these changes, here's what I'm planning so you have a heads up when it eventually happens.First off I will likely remove the Wing It tier. While definitely worth being there at the moment, I do find it hard to leave gaps for these commissions in my queue (aka predicting how many spots I will need per month) and would rather have a bit more control than that over such large commissions.Files galore and pure support will stay as is.Club tiers:So I've teased this idea before but basically here's how it will be implemented. First off we will start with 3 club tiers, the Copper Club, Bronze Club and Silver Club. And there will be 3 reward options of roughly the same cost: a telegram sticker, a print and an enamel pin. The telegram sticker will be custom to the patron, but the print and pin will be made unique to my patreon each month (and available to the public later on).Copper Club - You can choose one reward Bronze Club - You can choose two rewardsSilver Club - All threeI will create a form for the clubs so that choosing your rewards is simple and you don't need to contact me all the time.In addition to these clubs I will also introduce new Patreon goals. Basically as I get more patrons to join the clubs and more money comes in each month I can add more rewards and thus more clubs. Future reward additions may include: acrylic charms, sticker sheets and engraved dog tags. The themes of these rewards will all be animal related. The pin series will be called something like PawPins or Pinimals or something like that, and feature toony animals. The prints will vary from furry artwork to semi-realistic drawings and studies. All generic characters/animals. And that nature of item will basically be the same for all options. I feel like this is the optimum way to have new merch for everyone to buy, not just you guys, without putting stress on my wallet and also being able to dedicate maybe two days a month to its creation instead of a rush of 2 weeks before each convention. It will also mean that my patreon support has a solid purpose and I can budget accordingly.The reason I can't implement this any sooner is basically because I can't get any more pins into production until my kickstarter is sorted. I may explode.In the mean time please give me your feedback on this. Any suggestions or ideas will be considered and appreciated. Thank you.

    July's Wrapping up!

    Last chance to claim commissions if you haven't and change/remove your support before next month rolls over. As per usual you don't have to apologise if you can't afford the same support tier next month, it's totally okay.A reminder to anyone new that you don't need to stay on your tier if I haven't delivered your reward yet. You're in the records and it'll get done when I can. So long as you've claimed it it's all good (commissions that is). Unless you want more which is also fine.PSD file reward coming up soon.

    New Tiers - I want your opinions.

    Hey guys, your prints are on the way... for real this time. I added a little extra for every month they were overdue. It won't happen again.Anyway, now that I'm back on top of things I was considering some new tiers and new products for you guys, but I need your opinions because they'd need proper support to work (I'd advertise more to get more people as well but you loyal buns are first priority.)So I was thinking of some 'club' tiers. The first is the 'Print Club' which is exactly what we already have, a new print each month. No change there.Second we'd have the 'Sticker Club' where you get a new 3 inch sticker each month. And maybe if I hit the $1000 goal on my Patreon I might upgrade it to a new sticker sheet each month. Something like that anyway.Third would be the 'Pin Club'. I've seen a bunch of other patreons do this and I love the idea. A new pin each month! They'd each be a limited run and you guys get first dibs.Finally the '3 Club' tier would just be for people who want all 3 things.Do you like the idea of these merch tiers? Would you join them? Are there other ideas for club tiers I should add? Please let me know in the comments or however you'd prefer to contact me.

    High Res Packs - June

    Here are the high res files from throughout June as a bonus for dealing with all these delays. The 1st pack is SFW, and the second is NSFW. SFW - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1qh3f6w87v3fqu/June%20Pack.zip?dl=0NSFW - https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0yusbhg3czwns4/NSFW%20Pack.zip?dl=0

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