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  • Google Drive access up to 09/07/20

    Drive access has been reset and for those whose pledge granted them access to it up to this moment should either had their access granted or renewed.Some of you whose email linked to your account here isn't gmail got an invitation. Check it as the invitation has an expiration date of 14 days. Check your spam folder as these invitations sometimes get sent there.If you pledged 10 usd or more (and the payment went through) after this post was sent, you gotta know that I have to add you manually to my drive and it takes time for patreon to reflect your benefit on my list of benefits. I check these periodically and add them as soon as I can, but have in mind that it's not immediate.

    A new goal - Wacom ONE

    I have a new goal to achieve as I intend to stream again but I can't do it on the Ipad Cubvet facilitated to me, so I'm trying to see if I can buy a Wacom ONE, a highly budgeted version of a Cintiq.ONE's price is accesible to a guy like me, whose only source of income is here (and the ocassional comission I get every now and then), but it's still out of my monthly budget as with the whole economic crash we're slowly going into here in Mexico everything is more expensive and my income remains the same and I can't just spend over 500 usd.Why 500 usd you ask, if you saw it on Amazon at 400? Well, cuz I live in Mexico. Appearantly there's some sort of agreement that states that the only way a person in Mexico can buy one is by paying a fixed price of 10100 mxn (arround 500 usd). It makes me sick that I gotta pay an extra 100 usd cuz mexico got no official distributor for Wacom so anyone who imports and sells here gets to charge whatever they want here (same goes with nintendo stuff btw)But I really wanna stream again and to be honest, working with a regular tablet feels like setting back a bit, my tablet is obsolete and I'd rather upgrade than downgrade. I intend to do more streams whenever I get that tablet so if you'd like to help a wolf out with that cause, consider raising your tier or donating if you feel like it and are in a position to do so. If you decide on donating, my paypal is graywolf2400@gmail.comKeep the pawz crossed! I really feel like this could happen!

    Drive access/Progress in Xmas special 2019

    This month's Google Drive access has been granted. An invitation was sent for those whose email linked to patreon wasn't linked to a google drive account, however these emails received an invitation to join my Patreon Drive folder. That invitation caducates in 14 days so please check your email in order to see if you got the invitation. If you didn't, it means your Drive already has access to my Patreon Drive folder.I'm halfway done with this year's Christmas Special, you can see what I got done so far under the folder kuma senshi no bokki/christmas specials/ksnb christmas special 2019. Please let me know what you think. I expect to finish the comic in the following weekend if possible.

    Xmas special 2019

    December is the month of Xmas special so this month I'll focus on making it, will be on the drive/Dropbox for you patreons of 10 usd and over. So keep an eye for it!

    November Drive access for users signed up by nov 15th granted

    This month's drive access has been granted/revoked. You should get an email with the invitation again. If you didn't get the invitation check your spam folder or your drive, sometimes it automatically grants you access without notifying you.If you got an issue with your Drive access or you want Dropbox instead let me know.Remember that you gotta check your invitation in the next 15 days or else it caducates.All new patreons who just pledged (and patreon already charged you) up to today, nov 15th at 2 36 am central time should've gotten your invitation on the email you used here in patreon.If you got any question, let me know.

    Regarding rewards

    I'm working on this months rewards still. I had a personal loss and it kind of hindered me a little but I'm back in business. Please bear with me!

    Calendar dynamic - January

    Choose the species and leave a comment. The one with most likes gets picked. You can suggest a species and like only once, please don't like your own suggestion. You can suggest as many scenarios as you like as I will vebe deciding whatswhat's gonna happen in the end but I can base the pic on a suggestion if iI like it. The piece is (by a majority of votes) nsfw. MacimumMaximum two characters per piece

    Regarding drive access.

    Some people didn't actually get an invitation email but they got access to my files automatically. If you didn't get any email check if you got access already.

    Regarding the calendar dynamic

    I forgot to ask, do you guys prefer it to be nsfw or SFW?sfw can be risque but with no peenz or buttz or any sort of actual sexual activity (such as fapping)

    Google Drive Access Granted

    If your pledge went through, you've gotten an invitation email where you can log in using your google account to access my drive. You got 14 days to do so tho.If you rather have Dropbox access still, let me know and i'll switch you right up!I'm sorry about this huge delay this time. As some of you know there was a furry con at my city here in mexico (named "Confuror" in case you're interested (i'll be there in 2020 most likely in case you wanna come) and I wsa super busy with merch and, well, tending my stand.I already started on december calendar dynamic, a santa bear.

    New dynamic - calendar

    I'm gonna build a calendar and I'm gonna have you pick each month's species. I'm gonna start with December. How the dynamic work - you pick a species and leave a comment here with the species. You can also vote for one other species if you like. The one with most likes gets picked up by me. You can also suggest a scenario alongside your submitted species, but that will only be taken as a suggestion as I'll decide what's going on the scenario. So here we go, submit away!

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