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  • July Update

    Hello folks, hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!Now, I know some of you have already heard, but my life has just been thrown in for a loop. On Saturday morning, my dad had a heart attack, and was rushed to hospital. He's had surgery in the best cardiac care centre in my province, as one artery was 100% blocked off, so had a stint put in to solve that issue. He has another that is 70% blocked, but it will be a few weeks until they can fix that one as he needs to recover from his first one. However, except for being really tired, he is now recovering nicely. I travelled with my mom to the city, though she is the only one that is able to see my dad at the moment, so I'm currently with friends.Needless to say, this has caused basically all my writing to ground to a halt. I've already informed all my commissioners that it may be a while before I'm able to get back to writing for them as I come to grips with everything that has happened. Patreon will also see an even slower pace of uploads as well. I will try to get the next Pick an Adventure post up for Wednesday, but I have no idea when I will be able to post new stuff. I was most likely going to wrap up this Pick An Adventure after the next upload anyway, and go forward from there.For that reason, I will be pausing the August billing cycle, since I will most likely not get much done for the rest of this month, and I have no idea what August will bring. I will try my best to get things caught up for next month, but I can't guarantee anything at the moment, since I have no idea what the next few weeks or months will bring with my family.I'd like to thank you all again for supporting me through thick and thin, and I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and great summer!

    Dinner Invasion (Commission for Latria Eclipse)

    A sequel to another story (Date Night Aftermath, to get up to date). This time, battling technologically advanced aliens with the help of magic swords, mystical spirits, and a towering werelion!Anyway, hope you all enjoy!CONTENT WARNING: violence, nudity, transformation, human to lion, werelion, spirit lion, physical fighting, an alien invasion, and more.

    June Word Count Update

    We are now half way through 2020. Good lord, another six months to go...The past month has been quite a roller coaster when it came to writing for me: while I've been working as steadily as I can on commissions, and I have some ideas for extra stories, dealing with the farm has slowed me down. I hope to get as much done as I can next month though!Anyway, last month I finished two commissions and the two updates for the Pick An Adventure story, for a total of 18,226 words. This is pretty much the same as last month, and that means I've done 135,199? words in total this year so far!Now that farming is more or less caught up, and summer is upon us, I will be aiming to get 25,000 words in total for next month!

    Addiction Cure (Commission for John_doe12346)

    So this was an interesting commission: a hypnotist using his powers to transform two guys into muscular, well hung fictional creatures, and to have some intense sexy times to boot.Just one of those things that you so wish could be real, heh.Anyway, enjoy!CONTENT WARNING: This story contains: hypnosis, transformation, Mewtwo, Hork-bajir (from Animorphs), cock growth, muscle growth, excessive cum, M/M, gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, footplay, titty-fucking, male-lactation, and more.

    The New Roommate: Chapter 1 (Anon Commission)

    So you remember that story I was writing a while ago with the macro, magic using, sexually promiscuous dragontaurs, and a human being thrust into that society? Well, here's a semi-sequel to that story, set hundreds of years later in the modern era. Yes, they are still big, and still very sexy and kinky and over productive, but now the dragontaur is trying to get used to human society. Role reversal!Anyway, hope you enjoy!CONTENT WARNING: dragontaur, taur, human, magic, macro, normal size, size-difference, plot development, world building, hyper cock, hyper balls, oral sex, musk, aprhodasiac, masturbation, frotting, rimming, excessive cum, and more.

    May Word Count Update

    Hello folks, another month is over of this increasingly frustrating, dystopian and hellish year, but at the very least that means it's time for an update of word counts and in general as well.First, life update. This month has been... too put it mildly, hectic. Living on the farm means helping on it, and I've spent a lot of time helping run people and parts around, operate tractors, fix machinery, deal with cows, and all the other things that is required on a small family farm. This of course means that I'm just not getting the chance to write as much as I would like, sadly, and the numbers I'm mentioning in a moment will be proof positive.That said, soon enough the rush to plant the fields should, if the weather holds, be done soon, and then I can get back to writing full time as the summer warms up, so that's good news! I already have a decent number of commissions lined up, so if everything goes well, that will be done and posted soon.This also means that I've fallen behind on my goal of at least a short story a week for the year. There have been 22 full weeks so far, and according to my "52 Stories in 52 Weeks" tag, I only have 16 stories, so I'm a full six stories behind. I will do my best to make up for that in the next few months, so that I can still say that I wrote at least 52 stories every week this year (though, not quite a story a week... oops).Also, The City. As some of you may have noticed, I haven't actually, well... updated it in a while. Unfortunately, I kinda picked a bad time to start introducing cameos into my stories, especially for busy friends who haven't had the time to actually read over and approve the chapter of an ongoing story. Therefore, I will be ending the cameos, and rewriting the previous chapter. Instead, I will be sticking with all original characters from now on, so I don't pressure friends who are busy and don't have the time to read and approve what I've been putting out. I'm sorry, and hopefully I can get The City back up and running again!Now, finally: words. I finished five stories this month: two commissions, two chapters of the new Pick an Adventure, and the extra Alternate History story. Therefore, this month I wrote 18,949 words in total. This is just a slight decrease from April, and in total I've written 116,973 words so far in 2020.Hopefully June will be the best month yet, and I'll get a whole lot more written and ready to post! Thank you all for sticking with me so far this year, and here's to another month!

    April Word Count Update

    Hello everybody. It's the end of April, (FINALLY) and now we can start looking forward to warmness, summer, friends, BBQs, festivals and...Oh, right. It's still 2020. Nevermind.Anyway! First up, I have to apologize for the lack of activity this month. Since I'm still on the farm for the foreseeable future, that means I have to help out. And April is when all the cows we have start calving, so it's been hectic and busy to make sure the vast majority of our herd have healthy, happy baby cows so that we can sell them for hamburger in a few months. I was also very ill last weekend, so that didn't help matters in the "being productive" department. That's why there wasn't a new addition for The City on Patreon this month, so I will try to make it up by having two next month, especially if things quiet down. Finger's crossed!But onto the actual reason for this post: monthly word count! So, counting The City, the last Pick A Story, and the two commissions I finished (I'm not counting the Titanic story, since I wrote that a couple years ago), I wrote 19,265 words. It's only slightly lower than last month, which considering all the other stuff that happened to me in April, I can live with that.So far in 2020, I have written 98,024? words. Almost 100,000 words! That's a lot!I won't start guessing how next month will turn out (since, well, the whole year has been a roller coaster), but we'll see how far I can get to 200k! On we go!Thank you all for sticking with me, and see you tomorrow with my brand new, Patreon Exclusive: Pick An Adventure!

    A New Vessel (Commission for John_doe12346)

    Here we go, a fun story about a long hidden demon possessing a guy, turning them into a hyper hyena-bear hybrid, then turning their straight college roommate into a gay, muscle horse stud.You know, your average furry smut story!Enjoy!WARNING: This story contains: demon possession, transformation, hyena-bear hybrid, horse, straight-to-gay, muscle growth, cock growth, hyper, oral sex, anal sex, foot play and more.

    A Stormy Vacation (Giza Commission)

    In this time of social distancing and closed borders to prevent an unstoppable force of nature, how about a story about a summer vacation on a tropical island that results in a wolf turning into an unstoppable force of nature.Anyway, enjoy another in the long running series of stories for Giza, where I turn one of his friends into a giant monster. WOOO!CONTENT WARNING: wolf, shark, transformation, nudity, muscle growth, macro growth, no yiff

    March Word Count Update

    Congratulations everyone, we made through one quarter of 2020.*sudden realization there is nine months left*OH FFFFFFF---Okay, let's Quarantine this month in our memories (and never, ever think of it again), and move onto this months word count update!I managed to complete four commissions this month (one a week, fancy that!), as well as the Pick A Story. I wasn't quite able to complete Chapter 3 for The City this month (or rather, can't post it until next month, sorry!), so I'll save it for next month.That said, I have written 20,424 words in the previous 31 days. Of course, if you notice, that means that I'm really slipping behind. Hopefully next month, things will stabilize a bit and I can get a lot more done!So my total for 2020 so far is 78,759 words. That is an absolutely bonkers number.I want to thank you all for sticking with me as we ride the waves of history. I wish you all the best, and hope you are all keeping safe and washing your hands.

    Date Night Aftermath (Commission for LatriaEclipse)

    Here we go! A nice, simple, human to anthro TF story that involves people reincarnated over and over and bonded with spirits and given super strength, a guy being brought back from the dead after 500 years... and that's just the barely touched on backstory!It's always fascinating to see how creative some folks, like LatriaEclipse (on Twitter) can be with their OCs. Especially when you consider that my main character is "I dunno... he's a horse that can time travel and sometimes he looks different and sometimes not a horse."Anyway, enjoy this story!CONTENT WARNING: human, lion tf, height growth, muscle growth, nudity, gay relationships and more.

    Big Dog Testing (Commission for Gausswolf)

    So the big red and white malamute asked me to write a story with lots of different kinds of growth, size difference, gay sex and lots and lots of stretching and expanding.How was I going to turn that down?Hope you all enjoy!CONTENT WARNING: malamute, wolf, growth, muscle growth, cock growth, sheath growth, ass growth, macro, size difference, hyper, M/M, anal, cum inflation, excessive cum

    Special Training Session (Commission for Drewbermeister/Dash007)

    Surprise! Another M/F macro/muscle growth story, and so quickly after the last one. And once again for Drewbermeister/Dash007. But there is some M/M stuff this time, and some dirty talk and all that fun stuff.I wonder what he likes. Hmmmm....Anyway, enjoy this early access post!CONTENT WARNING: red fox, fennec fox, Clydesdale mare horse, white tail deer stag, border collie, macro growth, cock growth, muscle growth, M/M, M/F, M/M/F/F, blowjob, oral sex, masturbation, vaginal sex, cunnilingus, cum inflation, domination, submission, minor destruction, cuckolding, and more.

    February Word Count Update

    Okay, yes, I know it's a few days late. Sorry, got busy and distracted.Anyway, just a quick update to let you all know how the last month went. And, I'd say, it went EXTREMELY well for myself writing wise! Three commissions, the Pick A Story, Chapter 2 of The City, and a random fanfic idea that I'm already certain I'll have to rewrite to make it more interesting. All well!So in total for February, I've written 27,771 words. While it's not quite the 30,564 words I wrote in January, I'm still pretty pleased with myself. Because so far this year, I've written 58,335 words. That is already a full NaNoWriMo novel's worth. And I still got 10 months to go!

    Drewbermeister Commission

    *GASP!* Cimmaron writes straight porn? Well, if you pay me, I will.Still, this was a lot of fun! Macro growy goodness and muscles and dicks... lots of fun! And for a pretty darn cool guy as well.I'm still gay though.CONTENT WARNING: This story contains: red fox, fennec fox, male, female, M/F, sex, vaginal sex, masturbation, object sex, macro growth, cock growth, muscle growth, breast growth, destruction, excessive cum, domination, and more.

    Command & Conquer: Red World - Chapter One

    A while ago I asked if you guys were alright with me posting non furry stuff, and the overwhelming answer (of 2) was that you were okay with it.Well then, here is some non-furry stuff I've had in my mind for a while, and I wanted to share: a fan fiction based off of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2! Open for everyone to see!The idea is very simple: this is a totally non-canon story based off the end of a victorious Soviet Campaign in the main game (not Yuri's Revenge!), where the player character is now the leader of a globe spanning Soviet Union. While on the surface everything seems fine and dandy and communist, underneath, cracks are starting to show... and it all starts coming to a head 20 years after the end of the Third World War.This is just the start of an idea I've had for years now, though I don't know if I will make it a constant update here. If you do want to see more, then please let me know! And if you aren't a Patron yet, then please sign up to help sponsor more writing like this!

    The Price to Pay (Anonymous Commission)

    There are two ways to become a Pokemon Master: lots of hard work, practice, getting to know and love your Pokemon as they grow and evolve, lots of grinding Pidgey's and Rattata's in the forest, until you final get all the badges and beat the Elite Four, and finally claim the title.Or you cheat and use hacks, and try to short cut your way to victory. And you end cheating not only the game, but yourself, especially when the very thing you are trying to use to break the system turns against you. Oops.Commission for an Anonymous person!CONTENT WARNING: This story contains: Pokemon (Mewtwo, Ninetails, Lopunny), Transformation, Gender TF (male to female), M/M, F/solo, micro shrinking, reverse cock vore, anal sex, bukakke, punishment, humiliation, comeuppance and some other things.

    Friday Otter/Bamwuff Commission

    And here we are, first story of February, and a commission for the amazing Friday_Otter and Bamwuff! And also a stark lesson about going to clubs and getting drinks from a certain black and red furred demon deer...CONTENT WARNING: transformation, human to husky, human to Doberman, muscle growth, cock growth, gay, M/M, oral sex, anal sex, hyper cock, cum inflation, public sex, voyeurism, gear play, pup hoods, nudity and more.

    (Patreon Exclusive!) The City - Chapter 1: Waking Up

    Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, with Week Two of my insane plan to write a short story a week for the whole of 2020. And this time, it's a Patreon Exclusive story, and once again going back to The City! So you know what means: a whole big playground to explore all my fantasies and fetishes, so it's very NSFW. But since it's Patreon Exclusive, that means that you guys get to see it first, then next month I'll post it on FurAffinity and SoFurry when I post the next chapter here. So I hope you guys like it!CONTENT WARNING: This story contains: Cloning, nudity, world building, human/furry relationships, gay relationships, gay sex, size difference, hyper cocks, rimming, frotting, masturbation, excessive cum and more.

    Xilimyth Commission 14

    First post and first story of the year, and this time for Xilimyth! Turns out there was a whole lot more going on than just having her grow huge in the last story, as alternate forms and magic and much more are thrown around. Hope you all enjoy!This story also counts as the first short story of my "52 Stories in 52 Weeks" thing... man, I really need a catchier name for it. Either way, 51 more to go!CONTENT WARNING: macro growth, destruction, muscle growth, breast growth, female nudity, destruction, multi-limbs and more!

    New Year, New Plans!

    It's only been a bit over seven hours since the new decade has started, and so far everything has been going okay for me, and I hope it's been going the same for you! I apologize for the lack of posts in December: turns out finding out that you are hosting family Christmas, twice, results in a mad scramble of cleaning and preparation and exhaustion that I wasn't expecting. But, with the holidays winding down, things should get back to normal!Anyway, time to announce a couple of things.First, Pick A Story will be continuing this year, so in a bit I'll release the poll to get that started.Second, I have a new laptop! No more Macbook freezing or desktop inconvenience! It's faster and more powerful than anything I've had before, so I should be able to do a lot of things that I couldn't have done before, so that is awesome.Third, and the biggest announcement: My big goal for this year. During the 366 days of 2020, I will be doing something that might be pretty much insane. Absolutely ludicrous.I will be writing one short story every week all year. Fifty-two separate short stories. I don't have a super catchy name for it yet... "52 in 52?" "2020 / 52?" I dunno, work in progress!This will include Furry and Non-Furry, SFW and NSFW, commissions and personal projects. All of them will be posted here on my Patreon, but some may wind up in other places over time. And some of them will be a series as well, such as the new, very NSFW Patreon Exclusive that I will be posting once a month here. But expect some Alternate History, sci-fi, fantasy, Cimmaron's time traveling adventures, and who knows what else? In time, I'll tag them all appropriately, so you can find exactly what you want!The only rules are 1) I have seven days to work on them; 2) They will have to be a minimum of 5,000 words; and 3) I will be posting them every Tuesday from next week (January 7) to the end of the year (December 29).Now, this doesn't mean that I'm only going to be writing 52 stories this year. Oh no. That is just the minimum. If I write more, then awesome. And some stories may be posted earlier if they are done sooner, but I will not allow myself to post later unless something really, really not good happens. The Pick A Stories will not count toward the weekly stories, as they were designed to be only 2000 words.So yeah! That's the New Years update. Have mercy on my soul for the insanity that 2020 is going to bring....

    Pick A Story: December 2019

    Here we go! December's Pick A Story. And, since it's Christmas time, I'm giving everyone the chance to read this! Woo!Winning description as follows: Santa needs a 10th reindeer to handle increasing loads. Time to look for a new candidate (involves TF, orgy, gay sex, muscle growth, cock growth)Content Warning: Transformation, human to reindeer, muscle growth, cock growth, gay sex, orgy, anal, rimming, kissing, making out, bukakke and more!

    Pick A Story December 2019

    After a month delay thanks to NaNoWriMo, it's time to start Pick A Story! And since it's closing very, very rapidly on Christmas, these ideas are holiday themed! Still very NSFW, but, hey, you know.And to thank you guys, and everyone else that supports me, this one will be open to the public. Just call me ol' Kris Kringle! So get voting! Christmas theme 1: Santa needs a 10th reindeer to handle increasing loads. Time to look for a new candidate (involves TF, orgy, gay sex, muscle growth, cock growth) Christmas Theme 2: A couple stumbles on a wish giving Christmas themed deus ex machina, and they begin to explore it’s abilities (involves TF, multi-limbs, multi-cocks, hyper, excessive cum, muscle growth, cum inflation, and possibly more)


    Thank you to everyone that has supported me here! I know I've been slow with certain projects, and not always communicating as well as I should be, but I'm still so happy that you're sticking with me anyway!I'm going to get a lot of Project Skywalker stuff done in the very near future, so please stay tuned. And starting December 1, I'm back on a regular schedule!

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