v0.2.10b (TriLib bug fix experimental build)

Ey folks!

So this build is specifically for Windows users who are experiencing the TriLib bug! It is a patch build, not a full release build, which means it will only work properly if you already have v0.2.10 save data.

If you are a Windows 64-bit user who has been experiencing the TriLib bug, and you'd like to help me test/debug some fixes, you can help by following these steps:

1) If you haven't already, go download 0.2.10, run it, and create a save file.

2) Download the patch package, unzip it, and run the EXE.

3) Report whether or not you encounter the TriLib bug in the poll below.

4) If you still encounter the TriLib bug, please email your output_log.txt to: fek@fek.onl

Thank you for your help!



In this devbuild, NPCs are disabled, and a few testing hotkeys are enabled:

0 - Teleport to test room

5 - Open character selection (single client)

8 - Open character selection (three clients)

9 - Open shop menu