Status Update!

Next build is on the way! If things go smoothly with some plugin updates, it could be as soon as tomorrow - but as always, no promises: if the update comes with complications (and they often do!), it could be a little while longer.

This build focuses on a couple big bug fixes: one for the "screen melt" issue that a lot of people are encountering when choosing a test subject, and one for the long-standing "TriLib bug" that causes assets/embellishments to not load correctly (or to show up as bright white, once loaded).

In addition, the build also includes a bit more polish on the body-on-body interactions. Specifically, I'm cleaning up the interaction ranges for each interaction, as well as the "up vectors" for interactions, which are used to determine which way you need to move your mouse based on the real-world positions of the characters relative to the camera.