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  • Future Project Types (Poll Time!)

    Ah hey there everyone!There are a lot of project types to go on and different types of teams I have to make to get them made, but I don't know which type people want and enjoyed the most in these alternative style projects, so here are some project types we've done in the team and I wanna know which type do you guys enjoyed the most and we'll show the scope of the project. ===============Project Type 1: Comics-The GryphonHearth Film Festival Comics.==We can do many of these types in the allotted time==In this type, the team can handle many stories and characters thus stories, characters and partnerships we don't see a lot in my projects can be seen in these IE;-Long Teases and Build ups aka Krystal and Sharpclaws in Three Little Vixens-Bad Endings in Sly x Penelope in The World isn't Sly Enough-Characters we don't see a lot in XCom Viper, Tawna, Spyro Male Dragons etc-Forbidden Partnerships in Outlandish Lion's PridePROS -More projects can be made -More stories and characters and themes Cons-No AnimationsProject Type 2: LygerHearth Games -Date Night / The Tigress Master ==We can only do 1 per year or less in the allotted time ==In this type, it's a different team that handles it and the game development actually takes a huge brunt of the project scope than the sexual stuff itself, it's less story based as it needs more paths and decisions that needs to be close to the main story. The good part here is that the viewer have more decision within the project and can be experienced differently per personIE;-We can do many positions and dating type simulators in The Tigress Master-People can skip things they don't like in Date NightPROS -Decisions can be made Cons-People would watch all decisions in the end of the day, thus completely removing the point of decisions for a lot of people and budget time allotted to making the decision choices doable Project Type 3: Commissions / Ideas from supporters-MLP Videos / Lion King Celebration / Carmelita Red Hot Date==We can do these as same as exclusives, budget-wise==These ones we've done less and less as time goes on, it usually caters to the commissioners and people who got their ideas in. But the problem here is that, it's one of those things that take an entire project's worth of time, but budget wise, it counters all the budget costs thus it's free to make technically. IE; -It's ideas from other people, Technically the MLP projects -If you have a thing about seeing people's male OCs getting to bang known characters like Carmelita Fox or etc then this is for you-Would you like to see the male character in the series get cucked by the male OC banging the female character? Random example. Po gets cucked by a male OC bangs Master Tigress? Is that a theme for some people?PROS -Easy on the budgetCons -Focuses on characters and themes not a lot of people know, for something that takes the team long to make-May feature characters people not like nor know===============The ones that won't get top voted here might not be made in a long time depending on the schedule, as we're planning ahead on 2021 release dates and projects, so make sure you choose the alternative project type we'll see alongside the main projects in 2021!Thanks to all the supporters! With more of your choices, we get to know which types of projects most people enjoy!

    Future Idea Projects (Poll Time!)

    Ah hey there everyone! I got some projects with characters I always wanted to do, but I only have time to do one of them per partnership, so what better way than to put them in a poll! These are for projects that will be in 2021-2022 levels of future projects. I wanna do them in a text based style story but with animations for just to test for future projects given people enjoyed more story and build with the GryphonHearth comics. I wanna do these projects with a new team and see if it gets successful!===============Project Poll 1Krystal x Sly Cooper - I always wanted to do something with these 2 without being in an orgy again, but I have so many themes I wanna do with them and not sure which type of theme do you guys enjoy. I'll put here some fetishes / kinks I haven't done yet/ in a while so people can get involved in planning the project! Plan A-Romantic Encounter / Rebound ==Story will go with Sly and Krystal got broken up with Carmelita dating another guy, with Fox dating another girl, but not Carm x Fox, I wanna focus on Sly x Krystal here. Sly and Krystal meet up in a place to drink, then gets to talk to each other, both go back to her home for some coffee...Plan B -Cheating ==Krystal catches Fox banging another girl, Krystal decides to get back at him the way porn does, you guys know the rest...Plan C -Rivalry ==(Starfox and Sly story didn't happen in this universe) Krystal catches Sly stealing from her ship. Upon fighting, Krystal's clothes might have gotten ripped showing a bit too much. Krystal finally gets Sly in a hold but Sly might have gotten a bit excited in their scuffle, Krystal might be a bit impressed with the Cooper Cane and plans to let him go in one condition...===============Project Poll 2Leomon x Renamon- It's been forever since I've made something with these 2, which story do you guys want to continue with them?Plan A -Sequel to (Monsters: King and Queen of Beasts)==Continue off after their training to face off against the evil character they vowed to defeat. Their fight might be a little too hot for them. AKA enemy is gonna f*ck them bothPlan B-Revenge==Leomon got a new hot trainer to train with him at home while Renamon is either asleep or cooking. Leomon might be a little too hot for the new trainer... named Master Tigress... Renamon might get back at Leomon with a trainer for herself...===============Project Poll 3They were on a mission, but it got bad, really bad. Tentacles! You've watched enough to know where this is going... But who is the duo that encounters the damned monster!? Plan A-Space Alien Breeders==Angela Cross and StarFox Miyu Plan B-Chaos Emeralds Energy Drainers==Blaze the Cat and Rouge the Bat=============== Other characters and stories not here probably mean I'm already doing a project with those characters involved, so don't worry about characters not here, they're in good hands!The winners will be made, the ones that don't get voted might be made into future Comics or done in a different idea of project or not at all depending on how busy the schedule is. All in all thanks for all the support! Let's make the choices matter and enjoyable for everyone!

    GryphonHearth Comics Poll (Poll Time!)

    Ah hey there everyone!This is about the GryphonHearth Film Festival / Comics (90LS Required), if you haven't got it yet, you can skip the post as it involved tons of spoilers about the stories!-I mentioned a while back that there will be a poll about the future of GryphonHearth Comics! Today's the day! -The next comics will be somewhere Mid 2021 or even later, This is basically an example on how early I start production with the team on the projects. -The projects are made by multiple writers and small teams, with the poll, I can decide and see which one is the top voted one, the top voted one's team will stay as the future writers of the future comic projects! -It's gonna be quite a long read and stuff, so make sure you have enough time and decided the one you liked in the project! -Make sure you read them all (GFF 1-8) before reading or participating in the poll so you won't get spoiled! Warning: Spoilers!Question 1New Characters vs Familiar Characters-Would you rather see new faces? More new faces after these characters?=Tawna, Spyro's Dragon daddies, Skyrim, Torque etc==Would you like to see less used characters like (MLP, Sonic, League of Legends, etc)or-Would you rather see characters we've been seeing before? = Simba, Sly, Krystal, Balto, Master Tigress etcQuestion 2Old Stories vs New Stories-Would you like to see old project stories get continued and finished on comic forms = Dragonball XXX, Monsters King and Queen, Lion Queen and Princess, Sly x Penelope etcor-Would you rather see new stories that are different from the ones we've seen before = Fox x Torque FoxCom, Outlandish Lion's pride Kovu, Krystal ComicQuestion 3What Bonus would you like to see in future comics?-Extra pages=Extra pages of sex scenes and dialogues! =more positions!or-Alternate Endings=So people can choose which ending they prefer!=Bad, Good, Alternative!Question 4Which theme did you like more?-Did you like more vanilla themes?==Fox Comic, Spyro Comic, Krystal Comic==Do you want future comics to be about lovers, canon couples, romanceor-Did you enjoy more exotic themes ==Kovu Comic, Sly Comic, Red XIII Comic ==Do you want comics to be about Cheating, forbidden, underground, conflictsQuestion 5Crossovers yay or nay?- Nay - Crossovers may ruin Immersion, stories should be in their own universes= Kovu Comic, Skyrim Comic, Spyro Comicor- Yay - Crossovers are good for story, more new partners means more new stories!=Fox x Torque Comic, Question 6More Dialogues or Less Dialogue?- Do you want the more dialogue focused stories?=Did you enjoy reading for more immersive build up?==Krystal Comic, Skyrim, RedXIIIor- Do you want shorter dialogues with less reading== Kovu Comic, Spyro, FoXComQuestion 7Shorter comics or longer comics?- Would you like comics to be longer? But there will be less? ==Example would be, 20 Pages, but there's only 3 Comics==More pages for sex scenes and story build upor- Would you like comics to be shorter but more?==Example would be 5 Pages but there's 6 Comics==Short bursts of short stories, probably 1 position onlyQuestion 8and finally, Which Comic did you enjoy the most! Here's some small details to refresh your choice! You can take time to read them again so you can choose the one you loved!GFF1 - Spyro's Training with the Dragons GFF2 - Fox and Torque tries their kindGFF3 - Tawna and her Gloryhole adventure GFF4 - Red XIII in an experimentGFF 5 - Skyrim Argonians vs a giant DragonGFF 6 - Krystal and her friends meet a Sharpclaw-like studGFF 7 - Kovu and Vitani reveals their intentionGFF 8 - Sly got captured by Penelope The direction of the comics will be hugely based on the winning polls! We'd love to see which ones you guys prefer and enjoy! The losing ones will still be made, but it will be less and won't be in the majority of the future comics.All in all, we enjoyed making these! Here's to more comics and more fun adventures for all!

    The Solution for Future Projects and GFF Poll (Poll Time!)

    Ah hey there everyone!Problem and the SolutionIn the other posts, I explained tons of things about the decisions and ideas on how the channel moves forward, it's on random comments so I'll post a concise TLDR on what's to come.The Problem-Basically, in the least words possible, here's what happened==Everyone outside my team increased their prices, Patreon, VAs, Writers, Workers==Meaning there will be sacrifices to the projects to balance out the budgetThe Solution-A team brainstorming inside WorldHearth has come up with the solution where everyone wins! -Introducing LyteHearth Versions!-So here's the rundown on decisions that fixes all the problems ==Projects will now be Cut into 2 or more parts==Lifetime Support Required will cover both parts (IE Part 1 and Part 2 will have the same LS Required)==Quality is split into the parts to save time and budget every production==Parts are split evenly Production wise ==There's a project every month!Example -This is how LyteHearth Version works (Example Only)==Vixens 1 Part 1 LS is 80==Vixens 1 Part 2 LS is still 80, but is released in 5 or more months after==Part 1 includes storyboard of story, probably No VA yet, No climax yet, half of sex scenes==Part 2 includes the intro animation, other half of sex scenes, climax scene and ending==Sometimes depending on the project, parts may be split differently, for example, Krystal part is first part, Carmelita Part is second part, or the threesome part is the second part, or etcSacrifices Removed-LyteHearth Versions removed these sacrifices==Videos will be Shorter in the total time==No More VAs ==No More Stories==No SFX==Stories being the same==No more new characters==There are months where there are no projects==Huge Lifetime Support Required Every VideoSo by September/October and so on, all projects will now be doing Lytehearth versions, all will be split in multiple parts to save budget but keeping sacrifices at minimum! ==================Poll Time! (Regarding the poll about the GryphonHearth Film Festival and its stories, that will come in after when more people get to read the comics depending on which wins the poll) So here's the poll for, basically the 90 LS required kinda was hard for other people, so I'll give you guys the option to decide how it should be released so it becomes a voted thing rather than a team decision thingOption A: Teaser Type +Release All GryphonHearth Film Festival Stories but only the first 5 Pages of each story at 80LS+First Part 80$ September (Pages 1-5) +Second Part 90$ October (Pages 6 and So on) -But Projects on November is back to normal increases 95, Dec 100 and so on-Stories will be blue balling people till the 2nd part is outOption B: 90 90 90 90 +Everything is released at 90 Lifetime Support till November +You can read the full comics and all projects if you have 90LS when they are released-The big jump that needs 90 LS will be steep for other people / newcomersOption C: One by One+Release every GFF by 3LS increase each month+Read one full GFF every month!September: GFF1 Starts at 73$October GFF2:76November GFF3:79And so on-Will be really slow update for people as it will take up to next year just to release all 8 Comics-Total GFF LS will be higher ================== So there it is! A solution for every predicament! It's good people posted on what they felt about the original 90LS GFF concept, we love making solutions for every problem to keep the people happy and understanding of the situations! It shows that all our decisions in the team makes sure we know the sacrifices and planning that is needed to continue.Thanks to all supporters, the supporters make working on the projects much happier!

    Small Update (Update Time!)

    After hearing some feedback, I wanna make sure people get more bang for their support!Here's an updated info for the projects!August GFF (GryphonHearth Film Festival)Lifetime Support Required 90 SeptemberGFF Bonus Animation Loops and Posters -New Exclusive Video (May or may not be delayed)Lifetime Support Required 90October -New Exclusive Video Lifetime Support Required 90 November -New Exclusive Video Lifetime Support Required 90 Somewhere between September - November-2 Big Projects will now be Publicly released! This is separate from the Exclusive Video!After hearing people having a hard time to catch up, now's a great time to catch up to the latest projects! The 90 jump is just a time thing, it's not big, it's just revealed too early!

    Updates and 2021 Project Ideas (Poll Time!)

    Ah hey there everyone! The Projects in 2020 are already set in stone with the schedule, but that doesn't mean there's no room for more new ideas in the far future!So here's a small Poll where I wanna know what type of thing me and TigerIncubus haven't done that you guys are willing to see. These are probably mid to late 2021 projects and we wanna know which type would be the most voted one. Remember, we only have budget and time to do one of these till we're open again maybe Q4 2021 or even 2022Option 1 Visual Novel Style Video -Ever read something that really immersed you but it's all text? Imagine that but with an animated sex video rather than a still picture with cum just added in the same picture-More Story and some animations and stills, No voices because it's texts only, stories won't start at sex, it will start with a big long story before the actual sex, making the entire journey worth it when we finally see the sex-Budget is directed to Writers who make Visual Novel or writers who can write thousand word projects rather than budget directed towards VAs-Smaller budget allotted to Sex scenes, imagine 90% story. 10% sex-Imagine a story where we see Fox and Krystal before they even know each other, go in a mission, we see them interact, we see them talk, then slowly fall in love, then finally confesses to each other after a big mission -Or how about a story where we see Kovu dating Kiara, starting from where they first meet each other, set up classic Milf Nala storyline, you know what happens...Option 2 M/M Video-Pure M/M story -A classic story setup, can be anything from 2 dudes hanging out in a dorm, or 2 dudes broken up by their girlfriends, or even a guy coming out liking his friend story, guys working out, and more ideas -Will have the same size like a leomon x renamon one for example-Imagine like Simba teaching Kovu how to be a king-Imagine Gang bangs like Sly Cooper caught by bad cops -imagine Balto helps his team get warm in the cold nightOption 3 Harem Game -This can only happen if TigerIncubus patreon reaches his goal. Disregarded if it wins without the goal reached.-If you guys played LygerHearth Games (Date Night, Tiger Master) that's the style we'll do -But the main character will be you and you get to choose who to bang (Krystal, Nala etc), and it will be one of those games with one guy, then search for willing ladies from all the characters I've used before who are hanging out in the island resort-Guys can be chosen in a character select screen From Anon POV, or Sly Cooper, etc-Sex scenes can range to Vixens style up to Darkstalkers style positions Option 4 Smaller Videos-1 minute, short simple animation stories, imagine Judy Hopps catching Sly Cooper stealing, then Sly fucks her to get away, then end video with Hopps happy but passed out, small projects that has smaller Lifetime Support required-Small scale fun stories that are easy to do, doesn't have to have a budget with voices, more in res stories; imagine like Leomon catching Master Tigress taking a bath... or Balto saving Kiara in a snowstorm... or even Fox McCloud and krystal helps Maid Marian choose her wedding dress...-Will be easier to do and we can get more projects and stories done Option 5 Orgy-Just One big Orgy, no story, no talking, just characters banging each other, swapping partners after cumming inside each one, just put tons of characters like Master Tigress, Carmelita Fox, Renamon, Fox, Balto etc and throw them all in a room together, who gets impregnated by who doesn't matterAnyways, have fun discussing and deciding! With tons of support, we can get all of these done in the future! Let's make the dream happen! Together, only tons of support and teamwork can get the dreams work! Thank you everyone with the continued support!

    June 2020 News (News Time!)

    Ah hey there everybody! There's lots and tons going around with the projects. Me and Tiger will post regarding the situations of our future when we release the said projects. We'll start with the bad news 😬 Bad News -We just lost 6+ months of progress because the new Carmelita and Sly models got updated and ALL of our projects that had them that haven't gotten rendered yet got destroyed. The files are all corrupted/gone where models got corrupted alongside the rigs and animations in them with the update alongside the old files. We tried and couldn't save anything. The only things left are the audios and scripts. Here are some of the details so we can just imagine what it could have been. 🙏 A.1. Vixens 3 The Vixening --Sly x Krystal Pregnant, Carmelita Pregnant =Story goes where Sly is doing a thieving job but couldn't do it right because he was so horny and his cock hit the laser detection and was caught by the defense system. He goes home to his two pregnant wives and decided to get it fixed. =Tons of new ideas like; breast sucking with milk, titjob while lactating, pregnant bellyjob to his cock, to even a tease of Krystal giving birth mid sex. Yeah, that part is a TigerIncubus idea, If you guys want that type of thing, stay tuned for TigerIncubus' projects lol. He's the sort of type to do these alternative type of porn. It ended with Sly now finally did the job and only to discover it was for a gold and diamond encrusted condom. A.2. Foxes --Robin Hood and Fox DP Krystal =A reverse of Vixens, but now Krystal got invited by Fox McCloud and Robin for a 'movie night' but upon getting the remote, it wasn't a remote...But Robin's long hard.. Arrow. =New ideas like Double Cock in her mouth and Breast fucking. I tried to do a fun thing where Robin's and Fox's sperm where battling in the end on who gets to knock up Krystal given they DP creampie her. It ended with Krystal having twins. A.3. Carmelita's Bad Day --Carmelita x Anon Inmates --Carmelita tried to get information from other Cooper inmates, and things got a little hairy =New ideas from cuffed blowbang, to everything cuffed. Everyone cumming inside her despite her saying she was ovulating and stuff. She was in heat as the cooper inmates reminded her of Sly. It ends with a comedic scene as she walks out the door all bloody and pissed off with someone screaming his cock got bitten off. We will no longer remake them given me and Tiger decided to continue the ongoing projects that are already being worked on that's based on new characters and new ideas. We can still keep the stories and ideas, but the animations were only 65-85% done and was all corrupted. If you guys want bugged messed up versions of the animation that are like assassins creed bugged faces and deformed polygons moving, we can put that as a bonus later on. But for the fun stories, We'll find a way to incorporate the same story ideas into new stories! That's the sad reality of long term projects. Long term projects take time and can't be rushed, and risks everything must one major part take a big fall. So to answer a question, why do many projects at a time? Because me and Tiger don't wanna stop, if a project couldn't continue because the VA/animator/artist/writer or the modeller still hasn't done their part yet, we move on to a new project until the VA/modeller/animator/artist has done their part, then we'll go back to the projects. Now unto bright side of things! Good NewsNew Hearth Idea We have tons and tons and tons of ideas for projects, with tons of ideas, means tons of videos! Thus we'll do a 'short film festival video pilots' type of deal that will be revealed in a few months. The idea is we'll do many projects like teasers and we'll do a poll where people can vote which one gets turned into the big video. Multiple parts from different shorts that people liked will be combined! Stay tuned for that idea! LygerHearth Games Me and Tiger decided to split up our workload so we can do things faster. Tiger will now direct all LygerHearth Games as I will now direct the Hearth Islands, Villa Series and Exclusives. Directing means he'll have to write it up, set it up, and handle the entire project. His ideas are quite amazing once you guys see what LygerHearth Games 2 will be about! If you guys are into the exclusives stories from earlier, then you'll like TigerIncubus directed games! Hearth Islands and Hearth Villas For the Hearth Island episodes, we'll try finishing up season 2 of LyonHearth Island soon so we can start on the other Hearth Islands. Which means new guests couples! For Hearth Villa series, we'll try to release at least a few more episodes this year! As a note about our projects like the Hearth Islands, me and Tiger has decided to do Vanilla genre usually for first time couples, we won't do extreme ideas like the ones we mentioned earlier. For example, we saw a canon couple Simba and Nala in a vanilla romantic story, we didn't add any distracting stories in it to give them a video they deserve together. Same went for Couples of Balto, Jenna, Robin etc. So in terms of the stories we wanna go light and later go on the more extreme when the couples really get to know each other a lot more 😈. Don't worry, we know what's good in terms of how lewd they can get. All in all thanks for all the support! I mean look how many fun projects have gotten greenlit and have released given the outpouring support! With tons of support, means tons of fun stories and projects!

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