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  • Fanart Suggestions

    Going to try doing a bit more fanart of (Animal / Anthro / Feral) characters in between owed things, which characters would you guys like to see? Do leave a comment! You can comment multiple characters if you want to :)Animal characters from animations / Movies / Series etc :)

    Commission Slot Rescheduling & Free Comm Voting Results!

    First - This affects Patreon supporters a little less since they're not Patreon-first slots, but I know some of you guys might have been looking for the chance:--Unfortunately I did a stupid and realized only earlier today that I have FA-first commission slots on the same day I go to orthopedics about how to proceed with my ankle injury. I'm not sure how long it'll take and I'm not sure if I will need further imaging done next week, so I'm going to wait until Sunday or Monday to say when they'll be rescheduled to. Thank you guys so much for your patience and apologies again.I've been told to anticipate having an ankle cast and maybe even surgery (Hopefully not the latter) So fingers crossed hoping I can get away with this one pretty easily.I tore 2 tendons and apparently fractured it too so we'll see how that goes! Lots of "no surgery" vibes please, I had enough of that last year. Haha.Have a good week / weekend! Will try to stream throughout the rest of the week as much as pain permits.<3--Second!The two ideas with the highest vote count this month belonged to:Zirac & Doktor!I'll be in touch next week with some WIPs :D <3Thank you all. Much love!

    SURPRISE (No more submissions please! :)

    I have a bit of a surprise stream tomorrow 'W'If you'd like to... participate (and don't mind me messing with your character's design a little) reply to this post with:-A single ref (Only SFW needed!)-A word describing your mood (One word)-Fav colourAll will be revealed about 2PM Central tomorrow! :O

    Free Monthly Commission Voting - August 2020

    Please spare a vote or several! <3There will be two winners this month!

    Hey Guys!

    Patreon is being a bit wonky today - I noticed 4+ people joined today (Hello and thank you so so much!) I've been trying to message you with my thanks and your own individual Discord link, but Patreon is really being wobbly. I remember it being like this on the first of last month :( Hopefully it's fixed tomorrow when I attempt to message again! Thank you guys so much!! <3

    Group Study?

    Would anybody be interested in a fortnightly group anatomy study? Thinking about it as an inclusion in my lowest$ Patreon tier. We can hang out in Discord & follow along with the same images/Learn how to better our skills together! LMK if it's something you guys have interest in!

    June 2020 Free Coloured Sketch Result

    June's free comm goes to Lenny Cross!I'll draw it (And last month's free sketch comm too!) This week. <3Thank you guys!!

    Free Coloured Sketch Commission June 2020 - Voting

    Spare a vote, or several <3


    I will be more active in the Patreon comments! I honestly didn't realize there was a feature that showed me when I got comments but now I get notifications for each one. :) I just wanted to say something in case someone mentioned something and I never responded. Will absolutely see them from now on! :)

    Free coloured sketch commission result - May 2020

    This month's voted idea goes to Vander!I'll be in touch next week to draw it (And the April ones I didn't do yet!)Thanks guys! <3

    Free Commission May 2020 - Voting

    (So sorry to post this again - I messed up on the last poll and put one idea down twice and omitted one - Massive apologies)Hi guys! Spare a few votes for what you'd like to see drawn! <3I still haven't gotten last month's, but I will do that next week! <3Thank you all! <3 <3

    April 2020 Free Commission Results

    Well I put this off for long enough, umm-ing and aah-ing about who to pick because god, these are literally all so brilliant and I want to draw every single one of them. I'm not kidding. I love them all and picking was such a task that I had to come back to it for several days. I lament months where I have to pick instead of sending an idea out for voting because goodness gracious. I cannot say it enough. All of them. Love. ;-; Your characters are all so appealing and downright lovable. I wish I had more time to devote to these free comm slots.If your idea wasn't picked, please know it wasn't because I didn't love it. Just gotta emphasize that BIGTIME. I'm doing two instead of my usual one this month but that didn't make it any easier with 18 ideas I adored. I ended up picking the two ideas I could visualize the easiest off the bat.Anyways here's what you wanna hear. The two free coloured sketch comms for this month go to: Saki Raccoon and Fallfeathers. I'll be in touch!!Thank you all so much and I'm SO SORRY I CANNOT DRAW MORE OF YOU :( <3SO much love. Next month will be a normal round of voting and I've kept all the ideas I've received as usual. ;; <3

    Love Them Allllllllllllllll

    Am I having a hard time picking who the Gold Tier free commissions are?Is that why I'm putting off the result?...Yes, they're all just that good and I want to draw them all :XWill absolutely post something tomorrow! You're all just making this too damn hard! XDMuch love. <3

    Free Commission March 2020 - Result

    The free commission this month goes to Omi! :) I'll work on it later today! Thank you <3Remember next month I will pick two instead of one (So no voting) See you guys then! <3

    Free Commission March 2020 - Voting

    Spare a vote! (Or several! <3)Next month I will pick the winners and there will be TWO of those! Til then though here's the voting for the usual one. <3Thank you all!!


    Hi guys! I hope you're all well.Those following my Twitter or chatting with me in the Discord channels will probably know - I'm currently in the UK, where travel has been banned to and from the US for non citizens and residents. Since I'm a green card holder this does not include me and I should be able to get home just fine, however I am facing a potentially rough journey home in a few days and I am 100% going to be quarantined at home for 2 weeks. Hopefully the latter part will afford me a lot of time to work on Patreon obligations but I apologize for the spottiness of my schedule from then until now. Wasn't quite anticipating it would get quite this bad after we left. Looking forward to normalcy resuming. Stay safe everybody and wash those hands! ?

    Free Commission voting Result

    This month's free commission goes to Vander! Thank you, I'll be in touch! <3

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