Commission Claims, Thanks for your patience!

Those who still need to claim this month's commissions, there are still a few of you, don't forget before the month runs out and they go bye bye!

Due to my scheduled work this month being almost entirely NSFW or sketches I haven't had a lot of high res stuff to give you guys or any new prints to send out. I have a NSFW pack ready for the end of the month and it will likely contain this month's PSD file as well. As for the print, I'm going to start making images specifically for prints next month so I'll send out two new ones to everyone where required.

I think I'll start easing in the club changes at the end of this month. Basically it'll just involve changing the names/descriptions of the print and telegram sticker tiers as they're already at the right prices. This will mean people at $15 will have the option of a print or a sticker rather than just a print. And people at $30 will get both as they already do. I'm also going to start designing some pins in September so that in October we can get a 3rd club tier rolling.

As for the Wing It tier, I'm basically just going to leave that there until no one's on it. So basically if you want to jump on it at any point continue to feel free, but the moment it's empty it's going.

And that's all for updates. Get those commission claims in if you haven't already.