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Dear patrons,

Thank you so much for your support!!!

Please check your email to receive your rewards for March. It should include my confirmation of the total Coins you have so far and the invitation link to Discord channels. (Please check the spam box also just in case)

To redeem for videos you want, please join the below poll (you can vote for more than 1 option) or message me the videos you want to get via Patreon message.

I will check if you have enough Coins and send you the download links.

The video Dragon Age "Knight and Mages" is now free to access at Derek's Archive (the link is in your email rewards). Shout out to all patrons who help support me in making this video and now share it with the world.

The Mystery Gift video is finished and now available for Patrons to redeem.

Name: The Mystery Gift

Length: 16 minutes 31 seconds

Characters: Leon Kennedy (from the RE2 remake) and two more mystery characters.

Positions: 9 different positions

Story: Leon find a gift at the door, a mystery gift. he doesn't know who send it but with curiosity, he still opens it. A blue weird light flashed to his face. Open his eyes, he sees himself has been brought to a strange room with no doors or windows. He is naked, and he is not the only one.

Audio: The video still has sound and moan effects as usual. and some conversation from the game

Resolution: Full HD

Price: 15 USD or 13 Coins (patrons will receive it 24h earlier than Gumroad)

Here are some reviews:






I hope you will enjoy this video as I am.

From the love of my heart,

Thank you




Can't wait to see it!