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Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your support!

I can't believe that so many still continue to support me even though I didn't have any video in September. I'm really feel bad about it and grateful for your support, I am not worthy of you.

As usual, the rewards were sent to your email (or Patreon message for some patrons who I can't reach through email) include the confirmation of your Coins, you now can redeem them for videos you want by reply to my email or contact me via email/Twitter/Patreon message. I will check your Coins and send you the download links as soon as possible.

Depend on your tier, your rewards may also have an invitation link to Discord channels for an early view WIP gif file.

My email may get to the spam box so feel free to contact me if you didn't receive my email.

It's a holiday season now but to be honest, I don't feel up to it at all. So I will focus on finish what I left off here instead of having a Halloween video. I am sorry about that but my health doesn't allow me to work as I used to be.

I will keep you posted.

Grateful for your support!

Wish you all the best,



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