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Dear Patrons,

Just want to ask how are y'all doing?

I'm fine and still working on the Dragon Age project. The renders total length is more than 10 min (and still have some more positions) so expect it to be a long one.

The scene you see above is actually inspired by the advertisement video I watched a long time ago about a couple testing condoms in front of pharmacists. I find that ad amusing when having sex in front of someone and they are documenting you.

Anyway, don't forget to check out more WIP Gif files at Discord channels. I will keep you posted.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to redeem Coins.

Have a great day,



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How can I get access to the discord server? I didn't see anything about it


They were testing the feel of the condoms. Their reactions were not erotic. Just constructive criticism


Oh. I’m glad not the only one remember that. The male model is sexy too


Me too, too bad you can only do female romance with him


I remember that ad. Hahaha


I really like this. Cullen is my favorite romance in that game!


That made me laugh so hard :))))


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