Launcher Update to End Updates



Windows -
Mac -
Linux -

This is it, the update to end updates, well sort of. This new application is the updater for the launcher which will automatically update the launcher files in the directory that you open it. 

It is optimal to hide the updater in a folder and create a shortcut and place that around your computer to access the launcher. 

This is a huge step forward in being able to provide a full single experience for everyone and also providing the platform for giving rewards and privileges to our patrons. 

There are also some additional changes in this build,

  • Direct hyperlinks to the Patreon blog posts from the launcher
  • Low music volume option added
  • Terms of conditions confirm box
  • Other small bug fixes
  • Added Mac and Linux builds

Edit: To clarify this only an update to the launcher, the game will be getting a patch very very soon.