Launcher Goes Public


Download Here (Windows)


Linux and Mac coming soon.

After the long wait, I am happy to announce that the Launcher is now public and comes with the original 0.8, and the new LoK:Rebirth version 0.0.0 (Tech Demo). This marks version 0 of the remake. For more news on the remake check out our detailed post on Patreon. I’m going to talk about what the plans are for the future of this launcher and hopefully answer questions people have.

The release strategy for the Launcher is divided into three stages, the first being our private patron release. The second being right now, our release with the tech demo to the public for Windows. Finally, we will release the Launcher for Mac, Linux (coming soon, we’ve hit some issues with plugins). We’re also working on the launcher to create an updater to allow you to get updates without manually having to update your launcher. We are outsourcing a team to complete this final piece of software to focus on the delivering the game.

Linux (soon) and Mac builds are available in our Tech Demo Patron post as individual downloads along with a Windows version if you’re unable to succeed with the launcher. 

Feel free to ask me any questions on Discord as its my primary way of communicating with everyone,