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    As I've mentioned before my Patreon will go on a 1 Month Hiatus for July to focus on commissions and working down my backlog and also to actually have a few days off hopefully XD. Which means that you won't be charged on the 1st of August.HOWEVER. There will still be a few posts here of everything I didn't get done in time this month. So the Patreon won't be completely dead <3 But you won't have to pay.We'll be back in action as soon as August starts <3Thank you for understanding guys!See y'all around in a month <3

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    Hiya guys!I wanted to let you know that my Patreon will be on a one month Hiatus for July. That means there won't be JULY content but you also won't be charged at the beginning of August. (since it always charges you for the month that has passed.)You will be charged for June at the beginning of July and if I can't get your stuff done in time this month cuz there is just SO MUCH to do then I will finish it in july <3I've thought about this very long and hard.But I need July to focus on earning money due to an increase in our bills. So that's why I've come to the decision to freeze Patreon for 1 month <3After that I'm gonna be back as normal >W<Thank you very much for understanding.

    Addictive - Chapter 3: Crossing the Threshhold

    It was a lucky thing, really, that it was the holidays and the dorms were almost empty. Otherwise the crashing noise from Bakugou’s room would’ve caused someone to come over. Or maybe that would’ve been better.Bakugou felt his back and head sting from being slammed into the door so suddenly. The door handle was poking into his hip hard enough to leave a bruise and the skin of his wrists burnt under the craggy rock-hard skin of Kirishima’s hands. The Redhead had spun him around so fast Bakugou was a little impressed. He was well known in class for having extremely fast reflexes and yet he hadn’t seen this coming. Maybe it was because he was distracted with the general situation. However the biggest of his problem was the fact that Kirishima was kissing him with an intensity that made him go dizzy. His hips were pressed against Bakugou’s sandwiching him in between himself and the door. And of course he was still rock hard down there, no quirk needed. Bakugou felt like the air was being sucked out of his body. The noises leaving his throat were anything but normal for him. He’d never even heard himself moan like this before. And worst of all, he wasn’t fighting back. Shit, this just felt so good. Even though Kirishima was angry. Even though this was getting completely out of hand. He felt amazing. Kirishima broke the kiss but he didn’t budge an inch, instead he leaned down a little and started kissing Bakugou’s neck. Sucking at the skin and rubbing his nose over it as if he was trying to breathe him in. Bakugou let his head fall back against the door with a small ‘thud’. Eyes closed and mouth agape. Panting. Occasionally biting his bottom lip to prevent more embarrassing noises from slipping out. He couldn’t help a groan when he felt sharp teeth sinking into his shoulder. They were tearing his skin.“Agh… fuck.” A kiss was placed onto the bloody bite mark as if to apologize, all while Bakugou found himself enjoying the stinging sensation. It felt real. It felt raw. “Bakugou” There was a rumble in Kirishima’s voice as he dragged his lips over Bakugou’s ear, coaxing another small sigh from his lips.“Don’t hesitate anymore.” Bakugou couldn’t quite tell if it was a plea or a demand. Either way he had no will to disobey it, even though some doubt was still nagging at him in the back of his mind.“There won’t be… any turning back after this.”“Yeah, I know.”“No time for regretting it either.”“Bakugou I’ve passed the point of no return the moment you kissed me in the gym!!! If I was having regrets I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be making out with you against the door and I wouldn’t be hard. You’re the only one who’s hesitating.”Bakugou was actually speechless for a moment but then he huffed quitely.“Do what you want.”“No. Say it clearly. What do YOU want me to do.”“You’re so annoying, asshole.”“Please.” The plea in Kirishima’s voice gave him a disgusting guilty feeling. He clenched his jaw, angrily looking to the side.“-ch... -e…”“You have to speak up, my quirk is hardening, not super hearing.”“I SAID FUCKING TOUCH ME!”As embarrassing as it was… the expression on Kirishima’s face after Bakugou’s small outburst made everything worth it. It was as if his entire face caught fire. First his skin. Then his eyes. And then he kissed him in a way that made Bakugou wonder if he might get eaten. Not that he actually worried. As rough as Kirishima was when he got fired up… Bakugou hardly trusted in anything more in life than in the fact that the Redhead wouldn’t hurt him. Ever.Kirishima released his hurting wrists only to grab his ass. This time… Bakugou didn’t stop him. Without even a hint of effort Kirishima lifted him off the floor, and out of reflex Bakugou wrapped both his legs and arms around the other.He’d won over dominance in the kiss while Kirishima was focusing on lifting him. So now he was leaning against his hot headed friend, exploring his mouth once again. As expected he really liked the way Kirishima tasted. What he liked even more where the noises they made while kissing. Sloppy, wet noises, mixed with small sighs and moans and a surprised gasp as Bakugou grabbed a fistfull of red hair and pulled the other’s head back. He had to pay him back for that bite. He licked along the other’s neck. Kirishima’s skin was salty from sweat. Delicious. Bakugou sank his teeth into the skin and part of him expected to bite on rock but Kirishima didn’t harden. He let him mark him.“Mh...shit… Bakugou.” Kirishima’s voice made Bakugou’s dick twitch it was so deep and husky. Like a growl. As if he was going feral. The thought of Kirishima losing his cool nearly drove him mad. “Kirishima. Bed.” It was a command. And Kirishima complied without a second of hesitation. He let himself fall onto the bad. Bakugou enjoyed the fact that Kirishima didn’t push him down but instead left him on top. He leaned back to take a good look at his friend and the impressive tent he was pitching. “Fuck… You’re hot.”“To think that your first time properly praising me would be like this!” Kirishima sounded a little outraged and it made Bakugou laugh.“Hahaha. You wanted me to praise you?”“Wouldn’t you want someone you look up to, to praise you?”“Bootlicker.”Bakugou watched his own hands as they travelled down the other’s chest. Kirishima’s muscles felt nice. Bakugou knew well just how much hard work Kirishima put into his body. It paid off. His body was flawless like a sculpture. “Want me to praise you more, loser?” He joked while running his hands underneath the other’s shirt.“Yes please.”“Fucking kinky for a bloody virgin.”“You asked! So aren’t you the same?”“Arms up.” Kirishima obeyed once again. Raising his arms up so that Bakugou could take his shirt off. Shirtless, Kirishima’s body was even more impressive.One more time he ran his hands down the other’s chest and belly, this time while looking into his eyes. “All your training really paid off huh?” Ah, he really loved watching Kirishima’s cheeks turn a darker shade of red. Feeling his muscles tense beneath his fingertips. Had this idiot always been running after him, hoping to be praised like a dog? He wanted to think that it was pathetic since it was something Deku used to do, but really it was kind of cute if it was Kirishima doing it. Maybe because unlike the Deku of the past… Kirishima wasn’t pathetic at all. Not even in his emotionally unstable moments.“Hey uhm.. Bakugou?”“What? You’re not getting doubts now are you?”“NO… no…. But… how far do you wanna take this?”“What, tonight?”“Yea. I mean do you know… how?”“How hard can it fucking be?!”“Hmm…” Kirishima hummed, his hands gently squeezing Bakugou’s thighs.“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t think I could hold back very well...and I don’t want to hurt you, that’d be super unmanly!!!”“WHO DECIDED THAT YOU’RE THE ONE WHO-... who…”“Sorry. Hey let’s just do it like this for now. As long as it feels good who cares right?” Kirishima was obviously trying to calm him but the only reason it sort of worked was the warm hand pressing into Bakugou’s crotch.“Wow you’re hard…”“Hmph. Is that a fucking surprise?”“... a little bit, yea. Do you like being kissed that much? Or is it because I’m the one you’re kissing?”“Get off your high horse and strip me already before I go limp!” This time Kirishima was the one laughing. On one hand Bakugou felt offended. On the other hand the mood had calmed down significantly and both their insecurities and anxieties seemed to have fucked off which was a blessing. The last thing they needed right now were more stupid, horny impulse decisions.Instead Kirishima obediently pushed his hands underneath Bakugou’s top and pulled it off. Bakugou was keeping a close eye on Kirishima’s expressions in the meantime. There was no hint of disgust. No hint of doubt. Instead Kirishima let out a small excited sigh when Bakugou’s shirt come off, like someone trying to hide his excitement after unwrapping a present they’ve been wanting for a long time. The comparison made him blush a little, there was no way Kirishima thought about him like this. But there was no denying it. Kirishima really liked what he was seeing. The way he ran his hands over Bakugou’s body and the way he nuzzled his chest, a persistent blush on his cheeks and the fondest expression in his half-lidded eyes… Bakugou found himself a little enchanted by it. Had Kirishima always been looking at him this fondly? How long had he been thinking of touching him like this? Since the first kiss? Or since before?“Your body is so manly...you know… we have a pretty similar physique you and I… but while my body is trained to become a sturdy unmoving rock… yours is built for agility and maneuverability. It needs different muscles…” Kirishima mumbled against his chest, his hands were tracing down his waist and Bakugou couldn’t tell if it tickled or… if it was a different sensation. He knew it gave him goosebumps, though.“The fuck are you talking about in a moment like this?! Get on with it already!”“You know your waist is really tiny…”“AGH stop talking about it!!!” Bakugou set off small explosions against Kirishima’s arms and the Redhead was left chuckling.“I didn’t know you were shy, Bakug~Mhh!”Bakugou had pulled up his face and was kissing him, while pushing him down onto the bed.“Shut up…” He mumbled before biting Kirishima’s cheek in revenge for embarrassing him. Kirishima’s hands were travelling down his back now, only to come to a stop on his ass. Bakugou let out a small noise right into Kirishima’s ear and felt the body beneath him shiver. Kirishima used his well placed hands to pull Bakugou’s hips down, grinding up against him.“Mmph” His pants felt too tight suddenly. Way too tight. Still he kept grinding against Kirishima, himself. It felt good but the longer they kept at it the more desperate he felt. The touch wasn’t enough. The fabric of his pants was too rough. The feeling of Kirishima’s naked chest against his own was sending his mind for loops. “Hah...Nhg~ Kirishima.”“Fuck, I didn’t know you could sound like this.” Kirishima didn’t sound much better. They were both panting, desperate for more.“F-Fucking… Hhh… Stop!” He growled, sitting up on his friend’s hip. The view before him actually manage to startle him. Kirishima was a blushing mess. Breathing heavily. And that look on his face. He looked hungry. It sent shivers down Bakugou’s spine. The hickeys he’d left on Kirishima’s neck were beautiful as well. He felt a little proud, however ‘taking in the view’ was not the reason he’d sat up first. He had to get rid of their stupid pants. So he pried Kirishima’s hands off his ass (which was surprisingly hard, Kirishima was definitely being stubborn), and moved backwards a little more. Soon enough they’d managed, with combined effort, to send Kirishima’s cargo shorts and his underwear to the floor. Bakugou found himself staring at Kirishima’s exposed lower body for a moment. Somehow he wasn’t even surprised that Kirishima’s dick was bigger than his own, he was still a little mad about it, though. “Agh Bakugou stop staring! Please! You’re still wearing your pants that’s unfair.”“Quit whining already!!! It’s not like you got anything to hide!”“It’s still embarrassing!!!” Kirishima grabbed the waistband of his trainers and shoved them down. The sudden friction of fabric against his painfully hard dick made Bakugou flinch and he grabbed Kirishima’s face in response.“THAT HURT! BE MORE CAREFUL YOU PRICK!”“Mzorry~” Kirishima actually did look a bit guilty so Bakugou released the grip on his face. Instead he got up and kicked off his pants. And as he said back down, straddling his best friend’s hip he found himself thinking how he’d never thought about being intimate like this with someone before. It just didn’t interest him. Like everyone else he masturbated, sure, he’d watched porn, too, though it didn’t really do much for him but to think he’d tolerate another person enough to do this with them… that was a first. Even more surprising was the fact that he actually felt restless about this. He wanted to touch Kirishima, and to be touched by him. “You’re so…” Kirishima had spoken quietly but he’d still gotten Bakugou’s attention.“I’m so -what-?!”“Bakugou I’m… sorry.”“What the fuck are you talking about now?!!”Bakugou found out very fast what exactly Kirishima was talking about when he was suddenly pushed im down into the mattress all in one fluid motion that ended with their lips locked once more. He didn’t particularly enjoy being underneath someone else like this but the heat radiating off Kirishima’s body, the passionate kiss and last but not least the big, rough hand closing around his dick made him forget any and all discomfort he might’ve felt.He’d… definitely masturbated before. It’d felt good kinda good, helped him to blow off steam, and then it was over and he was sleepy. It helped against nightmares too. So he’d -definitely- masturbated before. The feeling of a hand wrapped around his dick was nothing new. And yet… why was it so different when it wasn’t HIS hand?! His fingers were digging into the sturdy muscles of Kirishima’s back and he’d opened his lips on impulse, inviting the Other’s tongue to play.“Mm~kiri~” Trying to talk into a kiss was a lot harder than he thought, but thankfully Kirishima got the hint and moved his kisses over to his jaw and neck temporarily.“Hm?” “Mmh hah… not just me, asshole. Do it properly.” Bakugou hated how breathy his voice sounded but that was secondary right now. For now he just spit into his own hand and reached down between their heated bodies to grab Kirishima’s dick as well. “Let’s do it together. And your hand is too fucking dry.” “Sorry~ Ahh fuck.” Kirishima moaned against his neck before licking his own hand only to the wrap it around both their dicks, squeezing them together gently. The spit made moving a lot easier and more pleasant and before it could dry their combined precum took over that job. Kirishima had started moving his hips, grinding against Bakugou and they were kissing again. Bakugou felt like he was melting. He was usually really quite heat resistant but this was different. Too hot. Too much. He hardly registered when the kiss was released. He -did- register Kirishima’s teeth piercing the skin of his neck again though. It was the same spot as before and it stung enough to make his eyes feel wet suddenly. At the same time it sent something like an electric shock down his body, from the bite right into his crotch, making his dick twitch and ooze. The noise he made to accompany the sensation was to be described in two simple words:Fucking embarrassing.“Are you a fucking dog?!”“You like it though…”“Shut AH!!” Bakugou flinched, his back arching and fingers digging into Kirishima’s skin. The redhead had rubbed his thumb over a particularly sensitive spot and Bakugou was caught entirely off guard.“Such a great voice, Bakugou.” The cocky Redhead was whispering into his ear, rubbing the two of them faster, repeating the same motion with his thumb over and over. Bakugou wanted nothing more than to complain but he was involuntarily reduced to nothing but panting and moaning now, clinging to Kirishima’s broad back with both arms while his neck and shoulder were being littered with hickeys. There were small explosions prickling over his palms, too small to burn Kirishima’s skin but enough to make him feel it. However the pinpricks only seemed to fire him up more, he was moaning against Bakugou’s neck himself by now. “Gh~ B-Bakugou how close...are you.”“Hh… Ahgh! C-Close~ Fhuck” Bakugou was impressed with himself for having gotten a word out amidst his frantic panting. Kirishima only grunted in response. And one more time they were kissing. Both of them moaning into each other's mouths, though much to Bakugou’s annoyance he was by far the noisier one. The movement of Kirishima’s hand become more frantic, his teeth sank into Bakugou’s bottom lip, nearly piercing it. It was that last little bit of sweet sweet pain that got Bakugou to tumble off the metaphorical cliff. His body tensed, twitched, trembled. “AHh AGH KIRI…. SHIMA!” Kirishima just gasped in response. They came at nearly the same time and Kirishima kept rubbing them through their orgasms. Only when Bakugou’s moaning turned into whimpers he finally released them both. Panting heavily, Kirishima rested his head against Bakugou’s chest, his wet, sticky hand held up awkwardly in the air. Bakugou was enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm, his breath heavy but his mind was blank. He felt so heavy.“Ow…” The small complaint slowly brought him back to reality. He felt tired now. “Hm?” His voice was uncharacteristically soft. “My back… could you let go?”“Hm.” Bakugou obediently let his hands fall onto the bed and opened his eyes to look at Kirishima who’d sat up and was now trying to turn and look at his own shoulders.“What’re you doing?” Bakugou mumbled and Kirishima let out a small sigh. “It’s fine… Tissues?”“In the top drawer.”“Hey do you mind if I sleep here? I don’t really feel like moving and it’s late anyway.”“Hm… just turn off the lights then.”Kirishima obliged. First he cleaned both of them with tissues Then he got up and turned off the lights while Bakugou tossed the remaining clothes from the bed to the floor and got comfortable under his blanket. Part of him wanted to talk about what they’d just done… but the bigger part of him just wanted to sleep. He watched the Redhead climbing into bed with him. It was cramped but… not uncomfortable. “Hey Bakugou?”“Hm?”“I want to h___ ___ ne__ t___.”“...mh”“Ba____u?”“...”Bakugou’s mind drifted into dreamland so much faster than he was used to. Mostly because he’d somehow conditioned his body that an orgasm meant it was bedtime. Kirishima’s words didn’t register with him. Neither did the fact that he fell asleep using Kirishima’s arm as a pillow, or the fact that they were sleeping naked. He was too comfortable to care.

    Smol Mini Announcement

    Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know the remaining patreon rewards will be finished this week for sure but they might not get done before June.So just as a heads up. I'm working on it but my IRL situation is a bit stressy at the moment UwU <3 Love y'all!!!

    Addictive - Chapter 2: A Fine Line

    [[In which Bakugou is an idiot and not very honest... but it'll be fine]]In hindsight Bakugou wasn’t entirely sure what had possessed him that night in the gym. No matter how often he thought about it he couldn’t figure it out. And he thought about it a lot. The pictures in his magazines and the words in his book blurred out, faded into nothing, replaced by an endlessly swirling vortex of thoughts.Kirishima.There were a million things on Bakugou’s mind and they were all related to Kirishima. He’d caught himself tracing fingers over his own lips, remembering the feeling. What had they been doing?He dreamt about it, too. The monstrous face turning soft against his own. A warm body pressing against him. Was this hormones? Was he pent up and Kirishima just so happened the only one close enough to him to justify having such thoughts.This was no longer about ‘shutting Kirishima up’. He wanted to kiss him. He wanted to be kissed by him.“Oooooi Bakugouuuuu!” A hand waving around in front of his eyes made him flinch back into reality. Kirishima sat in front of him a questioning look on his face. “You’ve been spacing out a lot lately, you okay, man?”Bakugou growled quietly and turned his face to the textbook in front of him. Maths. They were studying. Like every day around this time. In fact everything had been surprisingly normal after that night.He’d expected them to be awkward around each other but the next morning Kirishima greeted him happily as he entered the dorm’s kitchen. They ate together. They went for a morning jog together. It’d been like that for almost a week now. It was as if that crazy night never happened. Bakugou only knew it hadn’t been a dream because besides all the scrapes and bruises from the fight his lip was also torn from catching on Kirishima’s teeth.In the end this mundane, casual routine made Bakugou angry. Was he the only one thinking about that night? Was he the only one being bothered by the after effects. The only one who wanted more? Was he some hormonal horny teen who’d kiss his best friend just cuz there was no one better around? And what did that make Kirishima? Some mature fucker who had proper self control? Kirishima? Not in a million years. It was infuriating to see how the Redhead just seemed to be so not affected at all, while Bakugou was spacing out constantly. “Bakugou!!!” The hands slapping against both of his cheeks were warm and rough. Bakugou stared at Kirishima with wide eyes, his face smooshed between the hands.“Seriously man tell me what’s up? You’ve been so out of it lately!?”“WHO’S FUCKING FAULT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?!” Bakugou snapped, shaking off the hands but not in time. His face was already turning red. Embarrassment, anger, he didn’t even know which one it was this time.“Huh? It’s my fault you’re spacing out?”“DOESN’T IT FUCKING BOTHER YOU?!” Bakugou slammed his hands onto the desk before him, getting up on his knees. Kirishima sat back down. Quietly.“ANSWER ME YOU BASTARD!”“It..” Kirishima lowered his head, eyes shifting to the side. He looked smaller like this. Like a kid being scolded. “It bothers me…” He mumbled, now his cheeks were red too.“You’ve been acting like nothing fucking happened are you making fun of me?! HAH?!” “Bakugou… do you regret it?”“What?”“Kissing me… do you regret it?” Bakugou felt like his anger left him in a single breath. He deflated and sat down again. Did he… regret it? He had a lot of regrets in his life. Too many for an 18 year old to carry. But… kissing his friend… was not one of them.“The only regretful thing is how bad of a kisser you are!” He grumbled, but it was obvious that he wasn’t angry anymore.“Oi. I can’t help that I have no experience, okay? And you’re way too violent. You know I don’t think kissing’s supposed to hurt!” “What the fuck are you tryna say?!”“Bakugou…” Something about kirishima’s voice changed. No. Not just his voice. His posture. His expression. The energy he was emitting. One hand on bakugou’s cheek one on his shoulder he pushed him against the wall. Gently. “If you… don’t regret it... can I... do it again?”“...suit yourself.” Bakugou couldn’t look at the other while he was talking. It was easier to close his eyes in anticipation. …And then he opened them again. Because nothing was fucking happening. “What the fuck are you hesitating for you fucking cow...ar...d.” They’d been together for so long… but never before had Bakugou seen this expression on his friend’s face. And… part of him wished he didn’t see it ever because it made his entire body turn hot. Like his skin was burnt off of his bones, his soul and heart exposed. Being devoured whole by someone’s gaze… that was new. It was frightening and hot. So on impulse he grabbed Kirishima’s face with both hands and smashed their mouths together. Anything just so he didn’t have to see that expression anymore.The kiss hurt. In all honesty it couldn’t even be called a kiss. It was really more Bakugou desperately pressing his face against the other in an effort to hide from those burning eyes without looking like a coward.He didn’t keep the upper hand for very long, though. The back of his head smacked against the wall and for a moment he saw stars popping before his closed eyes. Kirishima had grabbed his face as well and he pushed his thumbs against his jaw joints, forcing his mouth open. Not that Bakugou would’ve resisted at this point. The other’s tongue was more than welcome in his mouth.Bakugou had his arms wrapped around Kirishima’s neck, fingers thoughtlessly tangled in red hair. God, that guy’s hair was in awful shape. From all the dyeing and styling it’d become rough and dry and Bakugou was sort of happy because the sensation was distracting him from just how much his heart was hammering against his ribcage. Kirishima’s chest was pressed up against his own, his big sturdy body fit perfectly between Bakugou’s legs and the thought scared him. Yet at the same time being buried in the other’s embrace wasn’t bad. Kirishima was strong. Not just his body but his heart too. But Bakugou knew that wasn’t all there was to him. He had a lot of insecure moments, riddled with self-doubt and fear of failure. He’d gotten better but it was still there. So Bakugou was sure… Kirishima clinging to him for dear life right now wasn’t him being possessive or aggressive. He was being insecure. He was nervous. Afraid of consequences. Afraid of going too far. It wasn’t as intimidating anymore once Bakugou thought about it like this, however… it made the whole scene so much more intimate and that was intimidating in it’s own way.When their lips parted they didn’t move far apart. Both of them breathing in unison. Only inches separating their faces.“Bakugou I-”“If you apologize I’ll kill you.”“No I… I wasn’t gonna.”“Then what?!”“I’m hard.”“I know that’s kinda your whole thing, are you stupid?”“Agh! No I mean my dick is hard.”“...”It was quiet for a moment. Quiet aside from their combined breathing. Kirishima was shifting and fidgeting his cheeks burning up.“Stop behaving like a fucking weakling already!” Bakugou snapped after a while, the fidgeting was getting on his nerves.“Agh what am I supposed to do? Say something already! I dunno hit me if you’re disgusted. At least let go of me so I can go cool my head.”“Kirishima.”“What!?” Kirishima’s voice was a little whiny. It was almost fun to hear.“Show me.”“WHAT?!” That had possibly been the most high pitched Bakugou had ever heard the other’s voice and it made him feel calmer. A grin spread over his face.He dropped one hand into Kirishima’s lap, pressing the flat pam against the other’s crotch, causing the Redhead to flinch almost violently. It wasn’t a lie. Kirishima was hard. Really really fucking hard. The thing was hot against Bakugou’s hand and… strangely enough… it wasn’t disgusting at all.“Ngh~ Bakugou?” Kirishima sat perfectly still as if he was petrified. He was clearly nervous. Bakugou licked his lips and slipped his hand into his friend’s pants.“WOAH BAKUGOU?! Seriously man what’re you planning to do?!” Kirishima had grabbed Bakugou’s wrist in a brief fit of panic.“Hey you said you trust me. Was that a lie?”“Whuh? N-no but this is diff-”“IT’S NOT!” He snapped and pulled Kirishima in for another kiss. The hand around his wrist loosened after a short moment of hesitation. Once again he saw that fine line before him. The line that would change everything once it was crossed. He already resided on a throne built out of regrets. Insecurities. Fear. Anxiety. Weakness. Frustration. Did he really want to add another to the pile? Was he going to regret this? What would happen if he crossed that line now? What would happen to them? In the end Kirishima had become his closest friend over the years. He was the one person he tolerated at almost all times. The one person who could calm his nerves and combat his rage. The one person who unwaveringly always stood right by his side as an equal. The unbreakable shield to his powerful spear. If he crossed the line… what would happen to this precious thing they had built. “Mh- Bakugou…?” The words softly mumbled against his lips in the middle of their kiss shook him. He parted the kiss and looked into his friend’s eyes. In the end… maybe crossing the line was impossible. He’d been riding a high. But this wasn’t something he could decide on impulse. This went beyond teasing. They were already only barely scraping along the line between friendship and… something else. Something more.“Hah~ what’re we even doing…” Kirishima let out a troubled sigh, before wrapping his arms around Bakugou who’d frozen up. He nuzzled his face into the dip between Bakugou’s shoulder and neck and stayed like this. Bakugou could feel his breath but it wasn’t uncomfortable. He just didn’t know what to say. He felt stupid with his hand down Kirishima’s pants but too much of a coward to move it. He could feel the other’s erection pressing against his fingers.“Hey Bakugou?”“Mh.”“What’re you gonna do after we graduate?”“I’ll work as a hero of course.”“Where?”“Does it matter? Wherever there’s villains to kill!”“Heh~ That’s so like you. I think I’ll go to work for Fatgum-san’s agency…”“Why are you talking about this right now?!”“... Distraction.”“It’s not working you’re still fucking hard.”“That’s cuz your hand… I mean. Why did you… stop? I mean why did you start it to begin with? Why did you… kiss me that day? And today too. And now this?”“I don’t fucking know I just FELT like it!”Kirishima twitched ever so slightly and released the hug to sit up. He was looking straight at him and for the first time Bakugou couldn’t read his expression at all.“Do you do this with other people when you feel like it?”“What?”“Do you?!”“NO! What the fuck’re you trying to say?!”“THEN WHY ME?! GIVE ME A REASON I CAN UNDERSTAND.”This was also the first time Bakugou saw the redhead genuinely upset. It was a very different expression from his usual determined or happy expression, his frustrated expression, the gloomy expression he had when he shittalked himself, the gentle expression he sometimes looked at Bakugou with, his enthusiastic expression. It was different. And Bakugou hated it. Most of all he hated that… he felt if he lied to Kirishima now he could destroy so much more than he could’ve destroyed by crossing that line that intimidated him so much.“I… don’t know.” He said quietly, lowering his head so that the hair fell over his eyes. Kirishima remained quiet. Was he waiting for an explanation? But Bakugou didn’t have one. How was he supposed to explain something he didn’t understand himself.“Back there… I just wanted to shut you up.” Thinking back, he’d been really immature then. Embarrassing. He raised his head just in time to see another expression on Kirishima’s face that he hated. The other looked hurt. “Then why did you do it again?” Even his voice sounded hurt. It was rare that Kirishima showed any negative emotion openly. Only when his insecurities and anxiety were overflowing. Only then he’d let people see his true feelings. Put down the sunshine mask. And right now it was putting Bakugou on the spot. Cornering him. He’d never felt this uncomfortable in his own skin before. Christ, he had no experience with things like this either how was he supposed to know.“Why did you go along with it? Do you go along with everyone who kisses you out of the blue?!”Kirishima’s brows furrowed.“Answering a question with a question is unfair, Bakugou.”“Cry me a fucking river.”Bakugou crossed his arms, head turned to the side. No. This was wrong. He had to be more honest.“Answer me just one question then.” Kirishima interrupted his thoughts once more. How was it that Kirishima was always leading the conversation. He was always trying to find ways to talk properly. Why did he put in so much effort?“What?!”“When are you gonna take that hand outta my pants.” The question was so dry it actually made Bakugou look up with big eyes. Dumbfounded. And before he knew it his face turned hot. Very very hot. He pulled his hand back as if he’d burnt himself and quickly turned his face to the side again. From the corner of his eyes he saw Kirishima getting back onto his feet. He bent down to pick up his books and stuffed the pencils back into their case.“What are you doing we’re not done studying!” If Kirishima left now, what did that mean for their friendship? And since when was Bakugou so fucking attached? He was behaving pathetically right now and he knew it.“I uh… don’t think I can concentrate anymore.” “Didn’t you still have questions?!”“You’re not answering my questions, though. Bakugou why do you want me to stay?”“...why the fuck are you like this now?! Sit down and talk normally.” “I’m gonna go back to my room.” Bakugou felt like the room was shrinking around him. His chest felt tight. Even breathing was hard. Don’t leave.“Oi! Shitty hair!”Please don’t leave.“Fine do what you want then! See if I’ll tutor you ever again!”The second Kirishima’s hand closed around the door handle Bakugou’s legs were moving on their own. Both his hands slammed into the door left and right of Kirishima’s body. He wasn’t going to let him leave.

    Addictive - Chapter 1: Surprisingly Soft

    [[This fic is about Kirishima and Bakugou cuz I wanted to write about kissing. It's written from Bakugou's POV cuz I really like writing him XD I might add doodles to this later if I find time because I also really want to DRAW kisses.I have 3 chapters of this written so far. I'm not sure where I'm going with the plot so I don't know where it will end. I won't make the story public until I feel like I'm done though. So until then =w= please enjoy.]]It all started with a sleepless night and a stupid bet.Most students had returned home to their families over summer break and so the dorms were silent even during the day. Only a handful of students were still around. Bakugou was one of them. Why? He just didn’t see the need to return home. To do what? He could sit on his bed and read magazines in peace in the dorms, too. Plus he had facilities for training here that were much better than the stuff he had at home. He didn’t even have to worry about blowing shit up. The teachers had given him permission to use the gym for training too. And all that without his nagging mom and his worried dad? What better summer break could there possibly be.Well… there was one thing that was unexpected. Kirishima was also still here. Bakugou hadn’t asked why but he’d overheard part of a phone call in which Kirishima was wishing his mother a good trip, so he assumed the guy’s family went on vacation without their son. Whatever.What mattered was that Bakugou had a sparring partner. Ever since Kirishima discovered his unbreakable form he’d become the perfect punching bag. He could take every explosion Bakugou threw at him. It was… satisfying, in a way. A strong moving target was much better than fighting an actual piece of rock. Since ectoplasm was obviously not around to train with them. In return for sparring he tutored the red headed idiot in maths and such, it was annoying but fair. All in all Bakugou was happy with how his holidays were going. This night as well he lay on his bed, enjoying the complete silence in his room while reading a book he’d started a few days ago. It was a fantasy novel about a king of thieves and his adventures. It had been an impulse buy. He’d needed something to read but there were no interesting magazines so he’d wandered into the novel section and grabbed one that was being praised as the #1 Bestselling fantasy novel on a separate display. To his own surprise he was enjoying the story quite a bit. There was a half-dragon. A rival. A great evil to defeat. No mushy romance crap. Heroics and fighting. And as he was so immersed in the fictional adventure he didn’t notice how the time passed until he heard a knock against his door. “Ah?” He grumbled, unhappy with the interruption, even unhappier after a glance to his clock. 2AM wasn’t really the time to be visited. But there was only one person around who’d have the balls to knock on his door this early in the morning.He closed his book and got up to open the door. And of course, without fail, there was Kirishima in front of him. Once again Bakugou noticed that the redhead had grown quite a bit taller ever since they’d joined UA. They used to be roughly the same height and now he had to actually look up to the other. Very annoying.“The fuck do you want. Have you looked at the time?”Kirishima scratched the back of his head and looked to the side for a brief moment.“Sorry for comin’ over. But… I can’t sleep and I saw your light was on, from the balcony… so I thought maybe you’re the same and so I was gonna offer to go train for a bit. That’d help with sleeping.” He explained and Bakugou huffed quietly. However the idea of kicking the idiot’s ass for an hour or so wasn’t terrible.“I’ll fucking kill you.” He grumbled and left his room, closing the door behind himself. Without waiting he started walking, Kirishima caught up with him without fail after a little while. “Awesome!”“Hmph.”----“Hey Bakugou! I’ve gotten to train my defense with you a lot this summer! But I wanna train my offense more. How about an all out match instead of endurance training this time!”“You better be prepared to die, bastard!”“That’s the spirit! So… how about a bet.”“Hah?! Why? You think you stand a fucking chance?!”“Don’t underestimate me, man, I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’ve had a lot of time to learn how you fight.”“HA! FINE THEN, BRING IT ON SHITTY HAIR! What’s the bet?!”“Oh uh… I thought something like… the loser has to obey something the winner wants.”“What? Are you in grade school that’s so lame.”“Do you have a better idea?” “... ugh well it’s not like it matters. Let’s go shitty hair.”----Despite saying that he wanted to go all out this time Kirishima was stuck mostly in the defensive. Because while he’d studied Bakugou well over the past years the other had also studied -him-. Bakugou knew full well that, in a match of endurance, he would always have the upper hand. He could use his quirk for much longer than Kirishima could uphold his hardening. Though Kirishima also got a few very solid hits in, in the end it just hadn’t been good enough. They were training and evolving together. Bakugou could see the progress he’d made clearly.“My win.” He said with a triumphant grin, Kirishima was underneath him. Securely pinned to the ground, and Bakugou’s hand pressed against his face. An unspoken threat he wouldn’t act upon. Kirishima was beaten.“Bakugou… amazing! You’ve gotten even stronger!” Kirishima was out of breath, his chest heaving. The plain shirt he’d been wearing to sleep was burnt and torn and in the few spots where there was still fabric left it clung to Kirishima’s sweaty skin.“Of course!” Bakugou was out of breath himself. It was hard to admit but fighting Kirishima had become more challenging. He had bruises and scratches in way too many places while the other looked relatively unharmed. “You uhm… can you let me go now? It’s kinda uncomfortable.” Bakugou grinned down at his sparring partner who was trying to twist out of his grip.“I won your stupid bet, and yet you’re making demands?” Despite his words he removed his hand and sat back. His eyes were still on the other however and he watched as the hardened skin flattened and became soft again where his hand had been just moments ago. He’d seen it so many times. The hardening and how it all turned soft again in a matter of split seconds. He only knew how Kirishima’s skin felt when his quirk was activated. It was strange, in a way. Like warm rock lined with thin leather. Jagged edges that cut his skin when he got hit. A monstrous appearance.However this was the first time he noticed how soft the other’s features were while not hardened. Especially now that Kirishima was exhausted, breathing heavily, his eyes closed. He didn’t look like he could harm anyone. Before he could catch himself Bakugou was running his fingers over the other’s cheek. A feather light touch but it earned him so many intense reactions. First, Kirishima flinched. His eyes shot open and he met Bakugou’s gaze with a half shocked, half confused one. At the same time the side of his face hardened. “What’s that? You fucking scared of me or something?”“I… no I just… It was a reflex-”Bakugou knew this was a lie. Kirishima’s expression had been too honest. His hardening too fast. He didn’t trust him to not sneakily unleash an explosion against his cheek“You think I’m a bloody coward who attacks a resting person for no reason?” “Hey, don’t get ma-”“I’M NOT FUCKING MAD!” Why was he blowing up? Why did Kirishima’s reaction make him feel bad about himself? He didn’t want or need any of these emotions. So he got angry.“Bullshit” He added quietly, propping himself up a little more in order to stand up but Kirishima stopped him. His hands were grabbed and pressed against the redhead’s cheeks. Bakugou met the other’s determined gaze. “I am NOT afraid of you hurting me. Bakugou. I trust you.”“Let go!”“I can’t just let this go if it upsets you this much, Bakugou. I promise won’t use my quirk no matter what now.”“What?”“I won’t use it.”“What are you-”Kirishima had sat up making Bakugou lean backwards slightly, and while his hands were released from the stubborn grip he still couldn’t escape. Kirishima had pulled him into a strong hug. It was warm. And soft. Surprisingly… so soft. “What the fuck are you doing?!”“You don’t like being hugged, right?”“YEAH, NO SHIT!”“You could get me off easily by using your quirk.”“What-”“But I won’t use my quirk… so you won’t. Because you won’t harm me.”“What are you talking about!? Are you fucking crazy?! I’ll kill you.”Kirishima leaned back, his gaze meeting Bakugou’s once more.“You won’t.” He said so quietly it was hardly more than a whisper. Then his forehead leaned against Bakugou’s and he closed his eyes, his arms still tightly wrapped around the other.Bakugou felt like he was losing his mind. He felt panicked. Like he had to escape no matter what. Like he was being cornered. And yet he didn’t move an inch. Realistically he should blow Kirishima up. He should shove him off forcefully and tell him off. But something was holding him back. If he used his quirk to get away and Kirishima didn’t use his to defend… what would happen. He remembered Thirteen’s words clear as day. ‘Some of you have quirks that can easily kill a person.’“You’re insane…” He growled, earning a bright smile from Kirishima. “And you’re not as villainous as you try to look.”“What’re you talking about, I’m becoming a hero. A hero!”“Do you think you have a nice personality then?”“... fuck you.”“Hehe. Are you still mad?”“...”Bakugou was quiet for a moment. He hated it but his body was starting to relax into the hug. Why was he allowing this?! If it was Deku hugging him like this or anyone else he would be kicking and punching at this point. The fact that he had a soft spot for the energetic redhead hit him like a truck. He… actually... Didn’t want to harm him. More than that, he cared. He’d caught himself looking at the burnt and torn shirt to see if the skin beneath it was harmed. Even though he, himself was covered in wounds. Kirishima never held back when fighting him. Bakugou never held back either. It felt good.“Bakugou?”“What.”“You got quiet… that’s… unusual for you.”“I wish you’d go quiet for once. -That’d- be unusual.”“Well you won the bet. I’ll obey you if that’s whatcha want.”“What a waste. There’s other ways to make you shut your stupid face.”“My face isn’t stupid. And what ways?”Bakugou leaned back a little, looking at the other’s face for a bit. He felt like bullying him. Most of all to punish him for… well… the hug and for being so damn cocky.“Do you want to know?” He asked, a wide shit-eating grin on his face.Kirishima nodded without hesitation. He had no idea what was coming. How could he. Bakugou would later blame his actions on that night. The lack of sleep. The exhaustion. The warm weather. And on Kirishima’s own stupidity. But that was later. Now… now he stole the redhead’s first kiss.It was a small and chaste kiss, though Bakugou had moved in so fast that it hurt a little at first. He didn’t care that this was also -his- first kiss. Things like that didn’t have any importance to him. This wasn’t any romantic bullshit. Just payback. A form to shut kirishima up.And it worked. When their lips parted Kirishima stared at him with wide eyes and lips agape. Silently.Bakugou used the moment to muse over the feel of Kirishima’s lips. They were much softer than he thought they would be. After all he only knew how Kirishima felt when he was all craggy and hardened.“Ba… kugou…” There was so much confusion in the other’s voice.“Hm… it didn’t shut you up for long.” Bakugou was still grinning, feeling superior. But then there was a shift in atmosphere. As if someone had turned the temperature up by a few degrees or increased the planet’s gravitational pull just a little. The origin of this change was without a doubt Kirishima. He was wearing an expression that Bakugou had never seen before.“Bakugou wh-”“SHUT UP. It’s not a big deal right? Are you stupid?! I won your stupid bet so there, be quiet!!! You have to obey!”“...”Bakugou couldn’t really explain why, but the look in Kirishima’s eyes was almost frightening him. HIM. Of all people. He was getting frightened by his friend’s eyes?! Somehow he got frightened to the point where he panicked the second Kirishima opened his mouth. Somehow he didn’t want to hear what the Redhead would say. He didn’t want to hear it.It wasn’t a big deal right? It was a stupid little kiss. No harm done. He pushed against Kirishima’s arms, trying to shove the big bastard off already but the arms wrapped around him turned to rock underneath his hands. “What the fuck are you-” He forgot what he wanted to say the second his eyes met Kirishima’s. The redhead was obediently quiet but somehow that just made it worse. It felt like his eyes alone were expressing everything he wanted to say. There was a familiar fire in them, one that Bakugou saw during battle. Determined and unwavering. But there was something else, too. Something Bakugou couldn’t name. Or maybe he was afraid to name it.Bakugou felt his face heating up but he was too stubborn to avoid his gaze. “Did I flip some weird switch?! Let me go already I’ll blow you up!”“...”Kirishima shifted, and for a moment Bakugou thought he was finally being released.He’d never been quite so wrong his whole life and he came to that realisation as his back touched the floor, Kirishima’s silhouette looming over him. Ah.Now he knew why Kirishima’s eyes frightened him. It was an expression similar to what he showed in battle, passionate and burning hot. But they weren’t fighting and Bakugou was pinned to the floor. He felt like he was being burnt alive. He could fight back. He wasn’t weak. He could get rid of the other without using his quirk. But he didn’t. And then the same warm lips that he’d gotten a brief taste of before were pressing against his again. Bakugou’s heart felt like it was being gripped and squeezed by a big hand. It was almost painful. His fingers were digging into Kirishima’s chest but he didn’t push him. Was he hesitating? Did he want this? The confusion was probably the worst part of it all.One kiss.Two kisses.Three…They were all soft and gentle but without any intention of stopping. None of them went any deeper. Kirishima kissed the corners of his mouth. His cheeks. His chin. “What the fuck are you doing you mushy bastard, you call this kis-Mh!”This one came with more force than the others. It was a clear ‘Shut up’ and Bakugou felt himself snapping just a little. He growled, catching the redhead’s bottom lip with his teeth before running his tongue over the other’s closed teeth. He could feel Kirishima’s grip loosening for just a second and took the chance to push against the broad chest finally. He was gonna show that stupid idiot what a real kiss was. It didn’t matter that he had no experience. He was straddling the redheads lap now, the others arms were wrapped around him again, hardened and unwilling to let him go. Bakugou had no intention of stopping right now either. He pressed his lips against the other’s. This time however he also ran his tongue over them.“Open your damn mouth.” He growled against the closed lips and Kirishima complied almost instantly. Bakugou felt a shiver run through his entire body as his tongue entered the other’s mouth. His eyes closed on a reflex. The inside of Kirishima’s mouth was hot. And he tasted… different. Bakugou couldn’t quite put a finger on ‘what’ he tasted like exactly but… he didn’t hate the taste. He didn’t hate any of this. He liked the sharp teeth, the heat, the taste. Most of all he liked how responsive Kirishima was. Whenever he did something the other liked he could feel the hands against his back twitching or their grip tightening slightly.Bakugou was genuinely impressed that Kirishima didn’t let his hands wander, but the idiot had his insecure moments, so he decided to take that step first. He ran his hands over Kirishima’s chest, and as he parted the kiss he ran them up over his neck to let them come to a halt on the redhead’s cheeks. They were both a little out of breath, looking at each other through half lidded eyes. Lips wet and cheeks red. How did they get here? How did all of this even start? Kirishima released the hug, placing both his hands on top of Bakugou’s to gently pull them off his cheeks only to then kiss his palms. It was maddening how well Bakugou understood what the other was trying to tell him without words.Gentle kisses peppering his palms.‘I trust you’Lips meeting his again, sharp teeth nibbling at his bottom lip, careful not to break the skin.‘Let me in’A hot tongue exploring his mouth, hands wandering over his slim waist and a chest pressed up against his.‘Closer. I want more!’Strong hands pulling him closer until not even a slip of paper would’ve fit between them.‘More’A heartbeat hammering against a ribcage in unison with his own. Hands on his ass.“STOP. Stop. That’s enough!” Bakugou was out of breath but he was pushing against Kirishima’s chest with more force now. Kirishima on the other hand had an expression like a kicked puppy.“I said No!” Bakugou said sternly. There was a very fine line in front of his mind’s eye. And he knew if they crossed it...there was no turning back. TBC.


    I've recently rediscovered how much fun writing can be but I'm always a bit insecure about posting things cuz like... I dunno maybe I'm just very self critical. But Diego proposed I could post them here for you guys to take a first look before I make them public. Would that be something y'all are interested in?

    I got a question!

    Here's a bit of a random question. In terms of patreon art what's more important to you?

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