"YOHEI VORE PACK YCH!" by Knn from Patreon | Kemono


Hello! here comes the ych so this is how to participate


1. Be warned there will be vore on this pack so u must be fine with that, none of the characters on it will be vored tho 

2. u must had been a patreonof me for at least 3 months and its totally free :D 

3. u can aply for all 3 slots will give a number for each one and then pick one with a random number generaton (u must leave a coment on each entry u want to participate that means that if u want to aply to all of them u must leave 3 coments, one in each entry)

4. slot be is for only bull characters... i like bull baristas (also its true i had never done a bovine character) A and C can be any species 

5. end date is sunday 3 pm utc -5

that would be all for enter just reply on the comments A B and C I will leave on this post anf will give u a number 

good luck everyone :D 

edit: seems patreon dont allow me to reply to u coments to leave ur number so i will be doing an excel with the entires and publish the numbers assgned before the selection runs