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  • Update (anything you may want to know)

    Sound effects in animations. Maybe I'll start hiring VA to do voice effects (like the last Ying animation) sound effects aswell. This is a hobby, so I might not do it all the time. No more monthly polls. The main reason why I'll "remove" polls is because is very hard for me to create something with a specific character, skin and pose without a reference. So polls will be special from now on. (maybe what I could keep is the character poll but besides that the rest will be removed.)Temporary disabling render commissions. This because I need to adjust prices or limit the slots. There is a lot of work on doing a single render starting from extracting the model, getting the correct textures/maps, adding shaders to every part of the model, modifying to a lewd Model (And make it decently work.) etc. Limiting slots could help aswell since every render I do takes at least 3-4 days to be done (Without adding render time.) and I usually don't have time left to do animations. There's always at least one commission I had to deliver 1 month late due time. (ALSO I consider myself a very slow person! I prefer to clear my mind everyday to see what errors/changes I could do next day.)Where is the Io & Ying Render from the poll 3 months ago? I have one problem when I tried to make this render and unfortunately I don't have the correct textures and maps for the Io model and getting them is not too easy (there are some new programs i need to learn how to use). Yeah I know I've done many Io Renders in the past but there's an extra detail I could add if I get the correct maps. This doesn't mean I won't do it but until i solve this issue I won't post it. Why no SMITE animations? The problem with SMITE is that it has a very small public (that's why very few people do SMITE renders) another big thing is that their models (not all of them) are a bit outdated and hard to work with due their limited rigs, textures quality and mesh. In average SMITE models have around 14 facial rigs (paladins models have above 30.). Some of them do look really good imo.For the next animation or render i'm planning on using Dva model because she is very cute!Furia, Seris or Maybe Lian may appear in this month aswell!Using Redgifs instead of Gfycat. Gfycat don't accept adult content anymore that's why I'll start using Redgifs from now on (redgifs is focused in adult content so be aware of that!)The rest of this post is a personal message, reading it or not doesn't matter.This free month was amazing it really help me to realise how far behind I'm really are from 3d Content knowledge and that really exites me! I wish I was as good as many people around the world and one day I want to do more elaborated things than just posing a model adding lights and render it because there's levels for everything. That's why i started getting anexty because i feel i'm loosing my time and not because i'm doing nsfw renders (is fun af) but i feel i'm doing the same quality over and over and that's a big lose because if we don't improve someone else will.I hope you could take this as a recommendation from whatever you are doing or want to do. Remember there's always a way to improve in everything (Even if you feel you know everything, trust me, there's much more.). Sure there's something new to learn and will always be. Feel Proud of what you are able to do and focus on improving. The time you say "I'll never be as good as he/she" you'll be completely sunken. Better people will always exist because that's relative.

    we are back!

    Hello, I hope you are having a great day!I'm currently working on a new animation that will be released hopefully next week (later that week I will post it on twitter) if you've been around my Discord server you already saw a sneak peek about it and if you don't just wait for it as a surprise :). I will post an update with some changes i will be doing soon. if you want to leave a question or a suggestion write it in this post and I'll talk about it in my next update post.Thanks everyone who keeps supporting me for such a long (and hard) time. That's a lot of dedication!(and i said "we" because all of you are the main reason why i have the opportunity to create content)

    Pausing Patreon on April Month

    Hi everyone i will be pausing my patreon on April month and will be renewed on May! this means Patreon won't charge you but also you won't have access to it.I'm doing this because i want to attend personal stuff.for now thanks everyone who supported me this month and thanks to the new patrons I had this month. you really motivate me to continue making renders after almost 2 years!

    MEGA Archive!

    MEGAThis is a link of this month were you'll find all the renders and animations i've done in 2018,2019 and 2020.

    MEGA Archive!

    MEGAThis is a link of this month were you'll find all the renders i've done in 2018,2019 and 2020.

    Skye Animation Poll

    Vote for what you'll like to see for the next Animation.

    Skye Skin Poll

    Here you can see a preview of Skye skinshttps://imgur.com/a/zXWXZaw

    March Animation Poll

    Vote for what YOU want and not what's getting the most votes. anything could change.

    Io and Ying?

    is it time to bring Io and Ying back to animation polls?? since some of you don't like them because it feels to repetitive.Also to let know i haven't forgot about the last Io & Ying render poll. i had very limited time last month but it should be done soon.

    Seris Animation Poll

    Choose what you'll like to see for the new Seris Animation.

    Seris Skin Poll

    Here you can see a preview of Seris skinshttps://imgur.com/a/eltunm7

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