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Hi people ^^

Here I bring you the second drawing of the month, for the Gold Plus, starring Alex, a character from EveryDayComix.

As I mentioned in the sketch, EveryDay was the one who came up with the suggestion, and me being a huge fan of their content and characters, I couldn't help but be drawn to the idea of ​​seeing Alex in a ticklish situation, I think so far Alex has has saved from this, but no more.

Here we can present a duel between Queen Finger, a character also from EveryDay, and Veronica Venom, to know who is the best at tickling, unfortunately for Alex, he became the victim and the judge to decide who tickles better, the problem for Alex it is that he is at a crossroads, if he gives victory to one of these women, who knows he could make Alex the loser for revenge, but if he does not say anything, the tickling will not stop, it really is endless torture in which no outcome is good for Alex.

Now, surely you are wondering, if Queen Finger and Veronica Venom face each other, who would win? who would tickle who? Well, the answer for me would be Queen Finger, basically because she doesn't have a physical body, or so it seems, Veronica has no way of tying Queen Finger, she would free herself from everything, instead, Veronica does have a physical body, any tying Queen Finger would leave her incapacitated and in the end Veronica would be the loser, being tortured by Queen Finger.

Well, I hope you like it ^^

See you soon~



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