"NekomataOkayuSTOCKER" by SymbSymbTickles from Patreon | Kemono
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Hi people ^^

Today I bring you the last drawing of the month, starring Nekomata Okayu, a Japanese Vtuber from YT.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a big fan of Okayu even though I don't know Japanese, so I don't understand anything, but it still amuses me, and well, seeing that there are very few drawings of her related to foot fetish, so I decided to make mine, to add a grain of sand.

If you're wondering, she's tickling her and worshiping her feet, it's Korone, another Vtuber and a friend of Okayu, most of them ship them, me included hehe.

Well I hope you like it ^^

See you soon~




She look amazing. Her feet look amazing and well done. What Nintendo game is she is playing?. Loved the tickling and licking going here. Loved the three images. Loved the colour. I do feel this should be something else then stocks images again but I loved it. I give this 9 out 10.