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Hi people ^^

Happy New Year, I hope you had a good time with your families and loved ones.

Today, like all the firsts of the month, I bring you the corresponding drawing, starring Webby, Lena and Violet.

This is the second drawing of Ducktales that I have done, and I hope I can do more, I adore that series, it is very wonderful, and I am delighted to bring drawings.

I have wanted to bring something "new" in my Patreon and as you can see, they would be variants, I will not always do it, but I will try to do it quite often, besides that in DA I will only publish one version, in this case it would be the final version, so I hope enjoy this new implementation ^^

Anyway, see you soon~




Okay, this is beyond awesome~ I loved the initial sketch, but I had no idea you would do a progression pic with this! Just I super adore great variants like this! Progression pics are always just super fun so I very much appreciate you going over and beyond to make us perverts happy~ Hheeh Just seriously though, I adore how you draw feet with the ducktales characters. You really found a great way to keep them very similar to canon, but also make them so damn alluring~ &lt;3 Just you legit are the best at drawing these characters in our whole little perverted community I say! Each girl looks great too! The expressions on Lena are especially my favorite. Love seeing that tough face break go so worried and break down into ticklish laughter! That and the lovely detective herself is looking rather fantastic in your style too! Although, I wonder if they even did anything wrong, or if our detective just wanted to see some adorable girls squealing with laughter! I definitely hope for the later~ Means no matter how much they want to confess, there would be nothing to admit to! Hehhe


Amazing work I really loved the three images and I really loved what you did. The girls look amazing. The girls feet looks amazing. You do amazing job with bird feet. Loved the colour. Everything here looks amazing well done. I give this 20 out of 10 top score and in the hot zone. Thank you for this.


Very happy to see you doing variants. It’s something I always enjoying seeing, especially when it’s La progression of events like these