"POLL: Kiawe + April Info " by GasaiV from Patreon | Kemono


Here are some pose ideas for the upcoming Kiawe set since you guys voted in Kiawe as the character of the month! You may vote on more than 1 its up to you!

The April rewards are coming soon! im about 2 hours away from finishing them but im still sick, my energy is low and I can't focus or look at screens without my head pounding so I REALLY don't want to be working on content for you guys as I will just rush it and mess it all up and make things worse and in the mean-time I've been in meetings and doing shit for this other project which is just making my energy and stuff SO much worse since I already dont have enough for those soooooooooo, sorry for the delays I hate it as much as you guys but itll come soooooooon, thank you for the patience!