"Brigitte prone boning (1080p)" by yeero from Patreon | Kemono


henlo, it me yeero

Sorry I haven't been posting much. A mix of being busy with my personal life, busy in school and feeling a bit of burn out just led to me not being very productive.

That being said, I should have paused billing last month, since I didn't make any posts in november. It was unfair to you guys and I apologize for that.

However, I have decided to pause billing for december, to sorta make up for it. I'll try my hardest to put out an animation and a still or two this month, but it's gonna be tight since my exams are starting now and will bleed into january as well.

As for this animation, it's pretty simple (nothing fancy), but it was fun to make at least. 

Thanks for supporting me, hope you have a great december ( ' - ')


Mp4 (sound warning)