"Kira's Massive Mammary Milking" by YetiG from Patreon | Kemono


3 Months of work
I really hope it was worth it
This was actually for the January poll, and I kinda got carried away
Also forgot that I was supposed to put Kira in a cowgirl outfit

If I don't stop myself now I'll drive myself insane by adding shading and color to this for the next few weeks. I really should pull the plug on this project here, even though I don't want to.
At least for now.

Kind of a fun thing, I finished this and the OC asks animation in the same stream. The two things that I've been working on for all of this year, finished within an hour or two of each other. Pretty wild

Anyways I hope my dumbass focusing on the little details way too hard was worth the effort!