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This poll is slightly spookier than usual!
Next month some of the pieces may be Halloween themed, especially if for characters who have been drawn before. First timers may be done in a more straightforward way, unless they're already spooky on their own.

Also a quick note for patrons who can't find their suggestion on the list. This month I got over 30 suggestions, so I had to trim a lot of them. Hopefully next month won't be as intense, so make sure to try again.

About the Poll

  • A full pic of the winner will be drawn the following month, the rest may be drawn if I think it'd be a good idea.
  • Weighted Vote Poll - Your vote's weight is equal to your total patronage during the month (up to 100 points).
  • Poll closes sometime after the end of the month.
  • You can vote for multiple characters. All your votes have the full weight of your patronage during the month (up to 100 points).
  • You can change your votes at any point until the poll is closed.

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