March Update!

Greetings to everyone, we've got a lot of news for you, so prepare your buttox for lots of information, I'll try to keep it somewhat concise to spare your eyes from reading a novel.

We'll start with the mechanics and backend work. Gizmo has been doing some truly amazing stuff with his dark code-magic

Gizmo has been creating our action editor tool which allows us to create events such as doors opening, quest triggers, and other such important parts of any RPG.

A demonstration of our inventory, stamina, and general UI.

The map of our playworld (Subject to change), made by Kuja and Gizmo to be truly spectacular, at least in my eyes :p

Here we are showing off our new bush/grass movement, which is achieved through shaders.

In the mapper's universe, Compound has been figuring out new ways to make maps, and has come up with something that's very fast, and produces spectacular works. The following is his most recent work (Subject to change, of course, and very early in design):

----- Next we have animations!

This is where all of the time we have been spending on the rigs is paying off. This is a first and early attempt of fitting the rig we built for the Krystal model onto a completely different character

What this means is that we can have loads of characters all using similar animations to Krystal (Or completely different animations) with very little effort in adapting said rig. It'll allow us to have different body types, and different customization. So all that time waiting was not in vain. We also have 4 animators working on and off on this game in addition to Archie, meaning we can potentially pump out loads of animations at a faster pace. (Though we still have some more rigging/back end stuff to do!)

Speaking of customization, I noticed a lot of people liked the original K model we used from v0 to v0.8 in LoK:R, I want everyone to know that we plan to have a substantial amount of customization to our character:

* Hair style

* Hair color

* Tail style

* Breast size

* Fur color

* Eye color

* Lips Shape/color

* Nose shape

* Eye shapes

* Eyebrows

* Pupil shapes

* Makeup (Eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara/blush, etc.)

As an example of this sort of thing, Kuja just changed 2 or 3 things on K to represent this customization (Draft image)
(Check the attachments if links doesn't work)

Which leads me into what Kuja has been doing! Have a preview of our sexy boi that everyone loves: Sek!
(Check the attachments if links doesn't work)

There's some more stuff, but this post is starting to get really long, so we'll save it for the next post in the near future. As always, we appreciate your continued support, and we hope you stay safe out there during this awful Covid19 nonsense. - Vlad