Exclusive Commissions Slots Opening Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (July 14th) at 1 pm Pacific Time I will be opening up THREE Patreon-exclusive early commission slots!

How do these work? These will be open for two days, assuming they are not filled before then. After that time is up, I will open up my general public slots on FA and IB (three to each site). The slots taken through Patreon will be given the priority, and will all be completed before I begin alternating between completing the public slots. So, basically, you guys get to the slots first, and your pieces will be done first! Neat, huh?

Once my post is made tomorrow, if you are interested, please PM me rather than commenting. It makes our conversation easier for me to access later.

If you need help deciding what to get, be sure to check out my pricing guide, as well as to read my TOS towards the bottom of the page, here. http://drippy-kitty.tumblr.com/post/142045215545/commission-prices