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It's been a while since I did one of the "you name the idea, I name the OC" style of poll! ✨

And after Kaz and Amora had their turn, now it's time for Cerise🍒, Kaz's little sister, who isn't in the spotlight as often as the other girls, some of you may remember her from the Negative Frames comics too.

Feel free to name a scenario, outfit, or overall idea that you'd like to suggest for her and I'll put it on the poll in a couple days!

These kind of polls are somewhat experimental so sometimes results can be combined into something fun.
She's somewhat of a prankster, likes to tease Kaz, and isn't really scared easily of creepy stuff; she loves bugs too!

I feel I have to make a disclaimer though, since she's an underage character, I won't include any suggestive/fanservice this time around!

Poll will be up on March 19th!


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