"Kitsune Lady (Color)" by Xpray from Patreon | Kemono


Colors! Be careful, don't fall for this mischievous kitsune lady's tricks... or who knows, perhaps she's being completely honest this time. Will you trust her? :o


These are the extra rewards you will receive after the payment period (depending of your pledge tier)!

- High resolution.

- Transparent versions (Without background).

- Alt versions: Different combinations of Bare Chest, Bra, No Underwear, Herm/TG (3 States), Juices, Fully Dressed/Clean, Glasses, Alt Face, Stockings, Bigger Bust, Pregnant, Lactation, etc.

- Wallpapers.

- Calendars.

- PSD file with layers.

- WIP video.

- PSD file with layers.

- WIP video.