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You came here to save people, right? Well how the hell can you do that if there is a person, right over there, calling for help and you just abandon them? What kind of hero would that be? Shuddering as a rush of fluid passes between your legs, you keep yourself steady with your staff before pressing onwards into the dark unknown.

Approaching the steps of the Town Hall you see multiple sets of clothing neatly folded in two rows leading towards the steps where underwear and various footwear line each stone platform. Following these, your eyes land on a woodcutting ax, buried in the middle of the doorway with what appears to be . . . something dry and tacky marking where an unknown fluid once ran.

The door opens with an ominous creak and you enter the quiet room, the sounds of your high heels clicking fills the tiny space as creaks from the well worn timber beneath punctuates each step. To your right you see a bank of several large, oval, leathery objects and a strange musky-sweet scent fills the air. Directly ahead of you is a wooden chair, facing a toppled bookshelf which lays before a giant opening in the wall.

From what you can tell, piecing the previous experience together with the evidence you’re finding, something like a new cult or religion must have formed when whatever just attacked you broke through the wall. But, that doesn’t make much sense. Though the creature was strong it hardly felt capable of breaking through stone and mortar, and those eggs, where did they come from?

Whatever, all that matters is that now, this hole seems to be the proper way forward. Leaning in, you see it goes on for some time until eventually opening up into what appears to be a tunnel. Your hair flies back as a sudden draft blows up a new surge of the scent, now much more pungent and telling of the activities below. Doing your best to not be. . .too. . .interested. You gingerly step one foot up onto a brick and-


The wall gives and you find yourself tumbling down, down into the gullet of the hole. In a rare moment of intelligence you manage to cast several protection spells just before hitting the bottom.

“Stoneskin, stoneskin, featherfalling, rubber organs!”

The sound of your impact fills the new and strange space with a resounding wet thud. Groaning, as even though your spells took most of the damage away, you still feel a little sore on your rear. . .You inhale, and notice the tunnel you currently are in goes off in two directions, one gently curving down where the smell is stronger, the other sharply up, where it seems to grow progressively darker.

What direction do you take?