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Finally finished, its actually a LITTLE jank, still trying to fully figure out motioncapture and quadrupedal stuff is a bit hard. But, short and sweet. Hope you guys like it, new vote coming out soon.

So some things, SP E2 slightly delayed since Moony and I are in the process of moving again. We have to really act quickly though since our future roommate bailed on us just as we were about to sign a lease, so, now we have to find something we both can afford, and that is available.

So yeah super sorry about that! But hey, more practice means a better product!

Ah, you'll probably notice a few things here. Hair flying everywhere, Odogaron moving a bit stiffly, some clipping. I tried my best to really go outside of my comfortzone and while im happy with how different it is, it for sure could use more work.

Buuuuuut, hey, look.

Real hair physics. Now I can make all of the various MILF scenes I've been meaning to. Long hair, big ass, huge tits mmmmMMMM.

I have a fetish for long hair.

Anyways, hope it doesn't disappoint. See you guys next time when we do something VERY different.

Its, a little more. . .interactive. Than before.

See you guys later! And remember, don't let people make you feel like your needs aren't
important. You are, your desires are, always keep that in mind and don't put up with shit!