"[idea] Body change stick / ボディー交代スティック / 바디교체 스틱" by tslove from Patreon | Kemono
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Thank you for leaving comments. I think it's a great idea.


Idea for you: Triple Vs! - (All time periods are OK; fantasy, sci fi, modern) - three women who wished for power have been brought to a maze by an entity (demon, angel, succubus, mage, etc) - Each of them are told to seek a stone idol, and seize its power in order to defeat the other two, as only one of them will be allowed to leave. - the first woman finds an idol that gives her enormous muscle mass and strength. - Thinking this means she'll easily win, she returns to the entrance and brags to the entity - as she brags, the second woman, who found an idol that lets her turn into slime, creeps up behind her. - she transforms into a mass of slime and floods up the muscular girl's ass. The muscle girl resists, putting a hand in the way, but slime instead pumps into her pussy. - the muscle girl cums, and loses her grip on her ass. The slime rushes inside through both holes. - her body gets hugely curvy on top of being muscular as the slime enters her. - slime leaks out of her mouth and then pumps up her nose. She's taken over. - Now possessing a visually superior body, she rubs her tits and grins - the third woman returns, and pretends to concede, bowing submissively. The curvy muscle girl then gets too close, intending to make her grovel. - as soon as she's close enough, the third woman stabs a hand into the curvy muscle girl's mouth, and then pulls out the personalities of BOTH of the other women. - She smirks, and then her body stretches and shifts forward like she's made of rubber or elastic. - her entire body slams down the muscle girl's throat, bloating her belly. - her belly shrinks as bulges move down all four of her limbs at once. Her body grows taller and even more curvy, as her skin and hair colors change to match the third woman's. - she smirks - ENDINGS: - ending 1: The entity allows her to leave as promised, but keeps the two onahole personalities from the other women - turning them into new stone idols for the next Triple Vs. - ending 2: The entity consumes the two personalities, and grows huge and curvy. The winner and entity leave for a night on the town. - ending 3: The entity dominates the two personality onaholes with magic, and then shoves them both into the winner. This thickens up her body even more and enslaves her to the entity. The entity then fucks her.