"June PSD files" by VHKANSFWEER from Patreon | Kemono


This hot weather has been kicking my ass, so this month's folder has the least files so far...maybe it's time to get into another media or re-read Blacksad? anything you'd like to recommend?

regarding the images I posted, I'm not sure if I showed the first one here, but it was basically a scenario I dreamt about so I decided to sketch it...the other is a scrapped version of the Shishigumi x Louis image set. I could see myself finishing it one day, after fixing the faces of course





if you're viewing them in photoshop, you need to make a new layer at the very bottom and fill it with white, otherwise they'll look transparent. I'm using SAI, but saving it as .psd saves a LOT of space. sorry for the inconvenience!

(also let me know if some are missing or not functioning properly)