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hello everyone! i'm terribly sorry for not posting anything in a while, but i recently started taking meds that make me sleepy and unmotivated to work on anything. it's apparently common and my body needs to get used to them, so i'm taking a small break. here are some wips/sketches that i did this month, but won't likely finish as i have other things to focus on. (although Freya won the bonus poll, i'm not really happy with the sketch here)

i'll still try and work on the poll pictures, hopefully i'll feel better by the end of this month.

thanks a lot for understanding and your incredible support! stay safe everyone c:




There is no problem with taking a break, especially when getting used to a new medicine. Take as much time as you need and don’t sweat the small stuff! 👌


Sounds good! Take care of yourself! No need to rush or feel pressure to come back asap ❤️


that sure is a GREAT VIEW TO WAKE UP TO hehe get better hopefully fast enough for you )


Very understandable! Going through the same thing myself. Take care of yourself and get that rest 💜


Please take care of yourself! You matter! <3