"status report / 近況報告" by nywlub from Patreon | Kemono


My depression got so bad that I had to take a break from painting and not touch the computer for about a month... sorry for the delay in reporting :'-(

My life force was reduced to the extreme and I hardly touched the internets, I was lying around watching animal videos all the time. I especially recommend the turtle chewing sound ASMR video. it helps prevent cancer!

I watched Dr. Strange and Shin Ultraman together with a kind-hearted friend for a change. (I don't have to be depressed to be invited to a movie, so it probably doesn't matter much) For some reason, he also invited me bouldering, but the next day I had muscle aches and a fever, and suffered between life and death. It's very crazy my friend that bouldering is the first option that comes to mind for mental health care for depression. It was interesting.

The other day I forgot to clean my ears for a long time and got an otitis externa for the first time. I was in so much pain that I was rolling around like a cat marking the litter box.

I went to a psychiatrist and got some medication and am slowly recovering, so I will try to paint as soon as possible. Please wait a little longer🙇

Also, I'm Japanese, so I'm almost putting the whole Japanese into DeepL and turning it into English. I don't understand English at all. Sorry if the text is hard to read. Cheers to the creators of DeepL♡



生活力が極限まで下がってインターネッツにもほとんど触れず、ずっと動物の動画見ながら寝転がってました 亀の咀嚼音ASMR動画が特におすすめです。ガンの予防にもなります

それと心優しい友人から気分転換にとドクターストレンジとシンウルトラマン一緒に見てきました(鬱じゃなくても誘われるので多分関係ないです)なぜかボルダリングにも誘われて次の日筋肉痛と熱出して生と死の狭間で苦しみました 鬱病メンタルケアでまずボルダリングの選択肢が思い浮かぶのあまりにも脳筋イカれ男です