"PLEASE VOTE: Full Screen Face Reaction or Small Screen Face Reaction?" by sillypak from Patreon | Kemono

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I need your opinion! I tried a different screen setup during SEVENTEEN's In The Soop Episode 1 reaction- where I made my reaction screen smaller and made the video screen full instead. I only did this because I know some reactors make the video (what they're watching) full screen so that viewers can watch the show & immerse themselves in the show and read subtitles more easily... but I know some of you were thinking you like the other setup better (my usual YouTube reaction setup where my face is full screen instead). I want to make changes for whatever feels better for my audience. This is, after all, a reaction video- so please vote on what makes sense to you as a viewer & what makes the entire experience more enjoyable!

Please only vote if you've seen my reaction to SVT In The Soop Ep. 1 and have experienced it so that I know what you truly think! If anything, I can go back to my normal YouTube setup for Ep. 2 and see what you think again to test it out! Leave comments on other suggestions if you have any! Love you & excited to watch Epiosde 2!

Please vote: