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So, here we are. I screwed up.

Thank you all very much again for voting in last month's Patreon Pinup Poll. Rebecca came out victorious, and despite my enthusiasm, my experience trying to complete a single illustration featuring this wonderful character from Cyberpunk Edgerunners quickly turned into hell. I made multiple sketches, started over and over several times, in hope to arrive at a result I was personally satisfied with. But in the end, I couldn't manage to create something even remotely decent. It's gotten really difficult for me to draw and find motivation after the many recent events this year (NFTs, AI, now Twitter shitting the bed) and I'm afraid I reached burnout without realizing it.
I apologize for disappointing you all. I'm aware the bar is so, so low to begin with. I already pushed animations aside, and as it is, my one single job each month is to make just one single piece of artwork. But it seems I couldn't deliver on that promise this time. It is not only extremely frustrating as an artist to hold this little control over my art's quality or my drawing speed, but even more so knowing so many of you are willing to support such an incapable idiot like me.

I refuse to receive money under such disgusting circumstances, you all deserve much better. So, I've put my Patreon account on hiatus for this next month. When December 1st hits, you won't be charged and no money will be taken from your wallet. I also decided to cancel December's Patreon poll. Holiday season is coming and I'm already struggling to deal with my current workload as it is, so I'm afraid I would just repeat the same mistake again. I hope you can understand.

Thank you all for believing in me, I'd like to apologize for struggling this much. It's been surprisingly difficult. Please do not hesitate to cancel your membership at any time especially if you deem somebody else could benefit more from it. I'll try my best to pull it together and get back on track eventually.



have a great month, we eagerly await your return, the quality of your work is iconic so only put stuff youre happy with


Please, take good care of yourself Whisper! We love you! <3