"Biology Hour | Part 3" by Meesh from Patreon | Kemono

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The group's collective heads were swimming with pleasure, and their concern for any further breach of privacy was severely diminished. This allowed Sheila quite a bit of uninterrupted camera work at the window, snapping plenty of photos for later enjoyment. She decided to practice her ability to capture photos with one hand, while the other traveled down under her shorts to take some pleasure in the moment.

Being stooped over as she was, it only took a single moment of imbalance for the phone to slip out of her hand, accompanied by an brief, involuntary yelp. She clasped her hand to her mouth in a vain attempt to maintain her stealth, but as she looked back in the window, Juno was there staring back at her, legs spread, revealing Legoshi's thick meat splitting her open.

Sheila felt a wave of hot shame at having been caught peeping, but this quickly gave way to surprise as it became apparent that Juno did not mind in the slightest that Sheila was there. She popped off Legoshi's cock with a smile, and gestured for Sheila to come join them. Sheila hastily picked up her phone, inspected it, and slunk inside with only a little bit of guilt remaining.

Intending to explain herself, she tried to maintain some composure as she entered the room, but found it quite impossible as Juno greeted her with a brief, but deep kiss, and then moved down to her knees to help Sheila disrobe. She was not asked why she was there, and with the erotic imagery thrust upon her, she was having difficulty remembering.

It sunk in that she was graduating from witness to participant in this orgy, and she fixed her eyes on the trio on the bed. As the young female wolf's tongue dipped between Sheila's legs and gave her the first tingle of pleasure, she wondered which of the men would be fucking her first...

As always, all characters are depicted as over the age of 18. Enjoy!