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>>Edit: I forgot to add in the reflections on the floor, updated<<

There was always some slight sexual innuendo in the land of Looney Tunes, but as far as you could tell, it never got downright explicit. But then you found yourself there one day, through wacky machinations that were never fully explained to you. You became acquainted with Lola Bunny, who despite her curvy body and alluring attitude, didn't quite have the grasp of basic sex education.

After awkwardly describing how everything works (you hadn't ever really had to do so before) she asked to be walked through it. One thing lead to another, and you ended up in a far corner of the locker room, with her face between your legs, balls deep in her mouth and popping your load right down her throat. Gag reflexes aren't a thing around here, it seems...

Ever since that day, she's had quite a thirst for your "special stuff". And you realized that in the land of Looney Tunes, everything is exaggerated. Even your output... enough to fill up an entire water bottle, which Lola was gracious to receive. But once she got the taste for it, she kept demanding it. Perhaps somewhere other than her mouth?

This is the silliest thing I ever wrote. Enjoy!