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EDIT EDIT: Download links are now located via logging into the website, or using the  comment under the post

EDIT: Update adds 44 new standard dialogs (11 variations) and 16 secret dialog boxes (4 variations). Also changed how the zoom works for windows. The update will reset your unlocks.

Hi there, I hope you're having a wonderful day / evening where you are :)
Today I'm excited to bring you a new minigame - the Island Secretary mini-game for Android and Windows! Something I wanted to do with this originally, but put on hold until the gadget update was done. Here it is!
- Progress through the game to earn some mods
- There's different dialogs each time you play too
- There's a secret digby dialog mode, see if you can find it


Animation seems slow, vibration is laggy:
Please try going into the options and setting the quality to low. This only works on the android version.
I think i found a bug! :
Please let me know! I’d love to fix any bugs.

Please enjoy the new release and let me know what you think! <3