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How to get user IDs
  • The ID for already imported users is in the URL -<service>/<type>/<id>
  • Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, and Gumroad - drag the links into your bookmark bar and click while on the user's page. (Get Patreon ID, Get Fanbox ID, Get Gumroad ID)
  • Can't use bookmarklets?
  • For Patreon, run in the Javascript console on the artist's page.
  • For Pixiv Fanbox, go to the Network tab in DevTools, click XHR, look for creator.get and find userId.
  • For Gumroad, run document.getElementsByClassName('creator-profile-card')[0].dataset.userId in the Javascript console on the artist's page.

  • SubscribeStar -<id>
  • DLsite -<id>.html
  • Include things like artist name, requested tier/price, etc.
    $ The minimum price of the tier/product you are requesting. 100¥ is roughly $1 USD.
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