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  • January furryasarion!


    Download Ace_2.mp4

    Lets fucking goooooooooo~

    Sorry it take soooo long to produce. I havent expected it myself!!! But finally it comes closer to the finishing line. I mean - sketch animation is kinda 50% of all animation done! But I also have almost done backgrounds - this is +10% to progress bar :D Also pre-comp and some of voice lines so I can do lipsync without worries ^^ I think everything will go smooth and fffast now :D

    1st part have sketch voice, youve seen it. Last 2 parts have only subtitles! ^^ 

    And a Happy New Year! ^^

    November furrysation!

    Have you played Genshin Impact yet? :D I have! A bit.
    It it a pretty nice game imo. Reminds me of Breath of The Wild Zelda series a lot! Pretty cute and relaxing ^^
    This is Ganyu, new incoming character in the future chapters. She seems so nice, want to get her in my collection :D

    Also why so many games are released and having new patches recently? Aaaaa! I wanna play them all but I have no time xD I wish I could have no sleep at all! I'd have 1/3 more time to all fun stuff happening around ><

    "Ace" animation has its progress going by the way. I hope to show you next 2 acts next month ^^ It will be 3/4. and then I can start lining and colouring it. Cant wait to show you the continuation of the story!! :D

    Hope you having fun? Have you already placed your Christmas decorations? I did at the start of November xD

    Do not forget high resolution image is in attach! 


    Liz and Rou decided to put on some costumes too! They are cosplaying Haru and Legoshi from Beastars anime <3

    October furrysation!

    Hey there! How its going for you? Hope everything is alright and you are staying happy and healthy!

    October went very rough on me :D Toothache got me and I've cured 2 teeth in a past month. But at least I can eat calm now :D Also I've learned that even if you have a nerve removed from a tooth it can start to ache after years and years if you catch a cold, eeek!

    I want to write something fun but I cant think up anything lol. Sitting at home mostly :D Also using diet cause I have lack of movement so I do not eat too much candy or fast-food xP Also doing aerobics sometimes! It magically helps to keep feeling better! Haha.

    Last month I've wrote you about a problem with my cat and well...the results was not good at all. Doctor called me and told it is lymph cancer. I cant describe what I felt those days. I think I've cried my eyes out, damn. I mean I know that lymph cancer is not curable for cats and the best prognosis was 1 year. It hit me really hard. Though I've got to doctor irl. It appeared it is not lymphoma tho, but lymph sarcoma. 0o Interesting fact that it is almost impossible to get first tumor in lymph. Usually it comes from the bigger one somewhere. But I've done all-cat-uzi and found nothing. Also all blood and other tests are super ok! So doctor told me to make one more test in other lab. And I've been waiting for 3 weeks since. Im super-worry cause we cant start treating her before we know exactly what is her disease! D: Hope for that super-rare thing, so it can be cured well ^^

    Well since there is no officially Halloween in Russia I wonder if you plan anything on that day? :D Share your plans if you wanna ^^

    This month furrysation is Hana Uzaki from "Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!" anime. It was good and funny, you might like to watch it hehe ^^

    PS. one more try on 3d backgrounds! Still have a lot of to improve but I think it works much better than my regular bgs! :D

    Download Clothed.mp4
    Download Naked.mp4
    Download Clothed.mp4
    Download Naked.mp4

    I've seen this new flashmob in twitter recently! The thing is to make your leg up high :3

    Ez :3

    Its being a while since Ive done any walk cycles :000

    September furrysation!

    Hello! This month I have finally decided to try one new thing I wanted to try for a looong time in my animation production. It is 3D based backgrounds! I've tried to start learning 3D I dont remember how many times and every time I ended up angry and depressed after 1-2 days of trying(once I've got burnt out in 20 minutes, jeeez, I got so mad ) xD This time I last for 2 weeks and I keep going! Woo-hoo! I still need to spend some time for study it and make it look better but anyway I think it is a move in a right direction ^^ I want show you some first samples soon, cant wait actually ^^ I think this new change will improve my final animation quality look!

    Second good thing is that script and storyboard for new animation are done. So I've started to make sketch animations of it ^^ I've got some VA lines to work with also. The work is going well! I do not know how many It will take though to finish this animation. ATM sketch storyboard lasts ~6 minutes :DD It may go up and down anyway, but it is going to be a very long animation! My longest one ^^ Animation is about romantic stuff, volleyball, will include many hugs and kisses and all that lovely stuff ^^ It is M+F also!

    Last thing Id like to tell is not good, sadly. It is about my cat, I wrote that she got lymph inflammation last month. Pills didnt help. I did her all possible tests and they show nothing. The bad thing - lymph become bumpy. Doctor said there are 2 possibilities - other cat injured her and she got this reaction. And she got cancer. Will hope for injury theory >< Doctors cut her inflamed lymph and gave it to biopsy test. It will take 2-4 weeks to get a result. Honestly I feel myself very much depressed about all this stuff happening. I've spent yesterday evening trying to work but at the end I just sit and stared at my tablet with a pen in the hand ^^' Im very nervous about her, I hope she will be okay! Now I want those 2 weeks to go faster so I can get the results and she can finally stop wearing her anti-licking collar x) She dont like it for sure!

    This month furrysation is for a "Kemono friends" character known as Tibetan Sand Fox :0 She is not very known or popular but I really like her look, so I wanted to give her some attention myself :D Enjoy your borger :3

    Some stuff I have to show! ^^ It includes several filler scenes and character color designs. Cheetah girl is not the main character in this animation. just a side one ^^

    Download Night.mp4
    Download NightChange.mp4
    Download DayChange.mp4
    Download Day.mp4

    Elizabeth is dancing for you <3

    Videos with music in attach ^^

    Im also curious - what version do you like more? :3

    August furrysation!

    Saber from Fate anime series ^3^ She's a lion indeed! Today is the LAST DAY OF SUMMER D::: How that could beeeee, time went so fast! ;_;

    Last month was crazyyy. One of my cats got a bump on her leg. It appeared to be a severely inflamed lymph node, so doctors did a lot of tests to find why it got inflamed. She got many many tests but they found nothing bad, it's a full healthy cat with just one issue - lymph node >< She got pills and she tok em but I am not sure it helps. Will see in 6 days what else I can do, hope inflammation goes away!

    But not only my cat visited doctors this month - me too :D I did blood tests and they told me that I have a somewhat allergic reaction in results >< My cough continues. I cough for almost 7 months now. It also has nothing with COVID. And my lungs are 100% okok(did a computer tomography)! Tho I got pills to calm my cough a bit and also did one more test, so waiting for the results as well! I'm so afraid it could be cat allergy what I would doooo *panic* Other than that everything goes good, projects moves forward, soon I'll show you some story ^^ Also a loop animation about Liz in progress, hope to finish it and show to you very soon! :3

    And you know what...Yes, it is the last day of summer but why is it also good - first weeks of september is the best time to find the best watermelon in Russia. Gotta go and buy one. And eat it. And die of happiness :D Haha ^^

    Please enjoy your monthly furrysation ^^ Stay happy and healthy! Full in attachment!

    August Exclusive preview!

    Download SethVulpMain.mp4

    Sethrak snek and vulpera are back ;3 Cant hold myself drawing theese two ^^

    HD in attach!

    Download CF_SOUND_PATREON.mp4

    It now has sound! And some extra ending x3 Whew!

    How do you think is this type of content(like new ending) is dumb? x3 Or do you like it? Should I continue adding more storylines in my regular animations?

    Video in attach!!!

    smol tease

    Just because why not ;3

    July furrysation!

    Oh noes, she lost her glasses! Again... x3

    How are you doing guys? Im pretty nice ^^ This month I actually FINALLY managed to visit my granny, who lives on our dacha, for a weekend, was so happy to see her so she is ^^ I couldnt do if for almost 1.5 years and feel so bad because of it ;c Yeah, I know about corona and stuff but I was super isolated and 100% healthy! ^w^ Well, it was a nice weekend, I ate SO_MANY_PIROGUES damn. Also got sunburns and went fishing and many many fun stuff!

    I got a lot of good emotions and I thing it will greatly increase my working abilities :D Its easier to work in a happy mood, right? ^^

    I've also planned to visit Litva, Estonia on Israel this summer and autumn buuut it seems it wont happen ;c Will visit it next year then! (hopefully) x3

    I continue to think about if I want to move from Russia. Sadly. I cant tell I want to leave buttt I think I need it >< I think 2024 is the end line for me and my furry production in this country. So..I will keep thinking about it! ^^ Netherlands, Hungary or USA hmmmmm xDDD *thinking*

    This month I've strongly started to work on a new LARGE animation. It will take a lot time to finish, honestly. I hope to make animatic and maybe sketch animation fully next month aswell create character lines and record voice actors. Cat Fight animation is in a process of adding voices and music too ^^

    Hope you are having a good time here!

    As promiced, showing you some drawings I've done for my new animation ^^ This is main character desighns, maybe not the final but I hope so xDD

    I wanted girl to look asian, espesually eyes. Did it work?

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