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Hi people ^^

He wanted to notify you about something, it's not serious or anything, but I wanted to ask you for a little help.

It turns out that in these last three days my PC has been working badly, to the point that today it did not want to turn on and I did not know what to do, I felt the fear of losing the content that I have been working on, fortunately it turned on and is working correctly, but I'm worried that it will happen again and that this time it won't turn on anymore, so I've decided to save on a new PC, a better one than the one I already have, since I need it.

So I ask you for help to raise the money, I will leave you a Ko-fi that I made with a goal of donations, just so that you donate what you can donate and help me with this, it is not mandatory or anything, nothing happens if you cannot donate, don't feel obligated or anything, it's only if you can and want to.

Obviously I will not make them pay for the entire PC, I for my part will also be saving for the other half of what I need.

I'll see what reward I'll give them as support when the goal is completed.

I give you a huge thank you in advance, I'm seriously worried about losing the PC where I'm working, but as I told you, it's not mandatory.

Seriously, thank you very much for your attention.

See you soon~




I agree with fellow patrons above : save everything you have on an external drive, just to be safe. If you've subscribed to a cloud service, don't hesitate to create copies of what's in your PC there too. I'll send a ko-fi very soon. I hope it helps ! If you plan to open quick emergency commissions (for example sketches, simple colors, colors with no lines or YCH) to help with your budget, I would also be happy to support you this way once again. Take care and good luck. I hope everything we'll be okay for you soon.🙏


I definitely agree with some other comments, get yourself an external drive. I got a back up myself and I update it with everything I saved every few months. Gives you some protection in case it dies before you got the money. Also, I suggest, why not do some emergency commissions? Take like 10 or 20 commissions, take money up front, buy the PC, then work off the debt by drawing their commission.