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Well people, the commissions are closed, I made some exceptions since the publication had a lot of information and I understand that many wanted to reserve a quota, but for the next one I will notify them in advance so that they can prepare and things go faster and more orderly.

Anyway, here I leave the list with the order.

1.- Lonely Support

2.- DustyShelves

3.- Neon Voidstorm

4.- Eric

5.- Red-Moai

6.- B3NT

7.- Jimmy

8.- PC R

9.- StoragAco

10.- WallyWorm

11.- Brooding

That would be the order in which I will work.

Now some work rules that everyone must follow.

The payment is complete and will be made by order of person, I will send you a private message with the payment information, the payment will not be made before.

I will send a sketch of the requested drawing for review, minor changes can be made, but a completely new drawing cannot be requested.

Waiting people can change the idea of

your drawing, but when the payment is made, it is no longer allowed.

There are no changes in the finished drawing, they are only allowed in the sketch.

Be patient, everyone will have their respective drawing, I just ask that you not be sending me messages every day asking about the drawing, please.

And with that, I conclude this post, thank you all very much ^^

See you soon~


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