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Hi people ^^

I bring you this post to ask you something important.

You know that I'm a big fan of F/M but I haven't been able to do much of that, so I thought of creating another Tier with that theme, my idea is to make a Tier identical to Gold-Symb, with the same price and the same benefits but with the addition of publishing F/M drawings only for that Tier.

I plan to make three drawings a month, the usual two with female characters and one F/M, so everything will remain the same, obviously for those who don't like F/M because they won't see that drawing (until I publish it in DA) and to those who do, well, they will see that and the other two drawings, I don't know if I make myself understood.

Regarding the Suggestion Month, those from Tier F/M will also have it, but I will make a separate publication for them and they will give suggestions on this topic, they will also have access to the normal Suggestion Month in case they want to give a suggestion with a female character, but with the condition that they can only comment on one, it will be one's decision.

The point is that I want to know if the idea interests them, even those who don't like F/M, since you won't see it and won't lose any benefits.

I also appreciate suggestions on how to better carry out this third Tier.

Anyway, that would be all, tell me what you think, do I do it or not? It is a good idea?

See you soon ^^



Seems like a good idea, and as long as you have that rule of only one suggestion, and people don’t double dip, I thin it should be fine


You already know I 200% support anything you do related to F/M artworks.^^ Do what you want, your most loyal supporters will follow ❤️


I say do it