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Hi people ^^

Today I bring you the second drawing of the month, which is the Stocker of Sassy Snake, a celebrity in DA, a veteran.

I've been wanting to make a drawing of Sassy Snake for a long time, although I always wanted to make her interact with Veronica, it would be a good scene, but I'm not complaining.

I wanted the tickling and licking to be for the Amazon girls, like that couple of drawings that Sassy did, I don't know, I felt that it would be the best way and tribute to this character.

Well I hope you like it ^^

See you soon~




She look amazing I am happy to see Sassy Snake here and getting tickled amazing work. Love her feet. The way she is tied up is great. Loved the colour. I give this 14 out of 10 top score and in the hot zone.


It is wonderful to see her being in the spot light once again. I wish more people would do art of her to be honest.


Snakes don’t normally have legs, so hers are extra sensitive