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Hi people ^^

Today I come to leave you my first Stocker and of course, the first drawing of the month, starring your favorite symbiote, Veronica Venom.

As I promised you, this drawing has three versions, a POV, tickling and adoration, for everyone's taste ^^

So I hope you like it.

And if you're wondering, Alexandra is the one tickling Vero, soon you'll see Alex's new design I've been working on~

See you soon ^^




Three images of Veronica Venom and all look amazing. She look amazing and well done. Loved the look of her feet. Loved feet in stocked. Loved the colour. I give this 11 out of 10 top score and in the hot zone.


Oh this just made my day. This is a wonderful look for her stuck in those stocks tickling herself no less haha.


Awesome, i love Stockers, and its really funny to see someone who is usually so dominant in your art get put in her place. sexy feet too