"THE WINNER IS VERONICA!!" by SymbSymbTickles from Patreon | Kemono
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Hi people ^^

Today I come to leave you the sketch of the winner of the Poll STOCKER, which is neither more nor less than Veronica Venom, I am really flattered to know that Veroncia was the most voted since the beginning of the Poll, having more famous characters like Marge Simpson or celebrities from the foot fetish world like Sassy Snake, so I'm really happy she won.

Even so, as promised, there will be two other winners, the second place went to Sassy Snake, she couldn't not win some podium, being a veteran character in DA, and I'm glad to be able to draw her.

Third place goes to Nekomata Okayu, a Japanese Vtuber from Hololive, who I usually see from time to time, even though I don't understand Japanese hehe, and I'm also happy to be able to draw her.

It is curious because these three were the ones that were always in the lead, my surprise was that Della Duck suddenly went up almost reaching Okayu, but unfortunately she stayed in fourth place.

I must admit that one of the participants that I wanted to draw was Toy Chica, with the release of the new Fnaf I'm a bit wanting to do something from that franchise, but unfortunately it was the least voted, but well, in some future I will do something with her.

Well, thank you very much for voting, I will eventually publish the sketches of Sassy and Okayu.

See you soon ^^




I like all of these but i really wanted to see toy chica in your style. Oh well, maybe next time! ^^