"SUGGESTION MONTH SKETCH #10" by SymbSymbTickles from Patreon | Kemono
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Hi people ^^

Today I come to leave you the sketch of the most voted suggestion of Suggestion Month, which surprisingly is by Marcy Wu, Amphibia character, it is noted that we have a large number of Amphibia fans because in each Suggestion Month there is a drawing related to this series, the most curious thing is that it is always the winner for having more hearts, but personally it does not bother me, you know, I adore Amphibia and without any problem I will make drawings of this series, the only thing missing is Anne's mother and the new girls from the third season hehe.

Well I hope you like it ^^

See you soon~




Yo! That's amazing! Hope to see more amphibia and more owl house in the future!


*sigh* I'll get my suggestion one of these days