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Hi people ^^

Seeing that my Patreon is inactive lately, I decided to publish this design that I made of Lena, a character from Ducktales, I really like the character and for a long time I have an idea for her, but since I was not sure if you would like a drawing of Lena, due to the fact that it has duck feet, I did this design sketch on it.

Tell me what you think and in some future I will bring this character.

See you soon ^^




From time to time, something more "exotic" and "unusual" can be welcome. I've liked tons of fetish work with non-human characters with non-human feet and I like the way you draw these palmed feet for this cool duck gal.


I'm down with the duck feet staying duck feet. It looks good in your style either way, based off of the design sketch.


The duck feet are hot in their own way, you should stick with them instead of giving her human feet, it'll look odd...


A surprise but a welcomed surprise. I think it looks great either way if I am being honest.